Drunk Driving: Son of UP MLA involved

Another case of a teenager driving after drinking and running over people.

THE TEENAGE son of controversial Ghazipur Samajwadi Party MLA Saiyyad Shadab Fatima did a Salman Khan late on Friday here, running her private SUV over a dozen of pavement dwellers, killing five of them on the spot and leaving seven others severely injured.

Kashif Abbas ( 19) further speeded up after mowing down the hapless dozen, hit two motorcyclists, rammed into a pan shop and hit a lightpost before some passersby stopped the car and handed him over to the police.

Kashif Abbas, who studies does not even have a driving licence.

He was arrested and a charge of homicide not amounting to murder was slapped on him.

Many audio CDs and beer cans were found in the car, which had Vidhayak written on its windscreen in bold letters.

Inspector general of police ( Lucknow zone) A. K. Jain said Kashif’s medical checkup confirmed that he was in an inebriated condition while driving.

“ Though the vehicle is registered in the name of his mother Shadab Fatima, he doesn’t have a driving licence,” Jain said. Kashif was speeding along Parivartan crossing in Hazratganj, when he lost control of the SUV and ran over the victims, mostly labourers and rickshaw pullers, who were fast asleep.

The pan shop owner, who was sleeping inside his shop, also sustained injuries, Jain said, stressing despite a clear instruction from the state government that red beacons could not be used on private vehicles, many powerful people were doing otherwise.

Shadab Fatima said, “ My son didn’t know when the brake of the vehicle failed. He is innocent.”

Chand Babu, the pan shop owner, told M AIL T ODAY that Kashif looked relaxed when he was pulled out of the vehicle.

“ Initially, he threatened those who had overpowered him and also succeeded to some extent. They released him while telling him that he just ran over many people. But there was no trace of regret in his face,” Babu said.

In fact, Kashif was busy on his two cellphones narrating the incident to his friends. Some of them reached the spot in a car. “ He was about to escape when some people on the other side of the road and asked the bystanders not to let him go,” Babu added.

Lucknow SSP Akhil Kumar said Ramu ( 15), Hassan Kamal ( 30), Md Rukman ( 35), Jagdish ( 35) and Santosh ( 40) were declared brought dead at the trauma centre of a medical college.

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