Bihar:RJD MP’s kin inflict cigarette burns on man

RJD MP’s kin inflict cigarette burns on man




       Sitamarhi/Patna: Relatives of RJD MP from Sitamarhi, Sitaram Yadav, have been charged with inflicting cigarette burns on a person because he allegedly refused to withdraw a police case that he had filed against them. The MP’s cousin, Ramlakhan Yadav, along with his two sons Kamod and Vinod, are in the dock for burning stubs on one Bimlesh Yadav of Nayatol village in Sitamarhi. 

      Bimlesh, in his statement to the police, said that the three accused had kidnapped him on the night of April 4 and inflicted burn marks on his body with cigarettes. Reacting to his petition, a Sitamarhi court issued warrants against the trio. But the police are yet to arrest the accused RJD MP’s kin as they are all absconding.


        ‘‘We have pasted the court notice at the residence of the accused and if they fail to surrender, the police would move the court seeking permission for attachment of their property,’’ said Mohammed Ammanullah, SHO, Nanpur police station, under which the village falls, on Friday.

       Incidentally, the Sitamarhi MP and his son, Krishna Yadav, are facing similar charges in a separate case.


Andher Nagari:UP, Bijnore

Farmer sets himself on fire at DM’s office


Pervez Iqbal Siddiqui | TNN


      Lucknow: A farmer set himself on fire in a toilet of the district magistrate’s office in Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday. Police said Ashok Kumar, who had alleged harassment by revenue officials, died in hospital. 

       Police headquarters here said around noon on Thursday, smoke was seen billowing out of a toilet in the DM’s office building. Cops broke open the door to find a middle-aged man lying on the floor with his clothes on fire. 

     The cops put out the flames and rushed the injured to the district hospital. Aged around 40, the man was a resident of Kumhar Khera village in Bijnore district, police said, adding they recovered a bottle containing kerosene from the toilet. 

        Ashok Kumar told police that he had been visiting the district magistrate’s office for the past six months to transfer a piece of land owned by his father to himself, but the officers were demanding money. 

      Police said the man told them that he was a poor farmer and didn’t have the Rs 5,000 the officials asked to do his work. 

      The district magistrate has ordered an inquiry into the death. Police filed an FIR against four employees of the district magistrate’s office under anticorruption act.


Consumer Court : Ruling on Lost Baggage

Airline directed to pay Rs 2 L for lost baggage




      New Delhi: The state consumer commission has directed Emirates airline to pay Rs 2 lakh compensation to a doctor of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital for the loss of baggage in transit as well as tampered baggage on the return journey.

       Dr Rakesh Chopra, chief of haematooncology division at Apollo, attended an international conference at Athens between 6 and 10 November 1998, accompanied by his wife.

      On arrival at Athens airport, out of his two checked-in baggage, one did not reach the airport. As a result, he could neither participate in the conference nor attend any of the official functions and his entire trip was horrifying experience. Till date, his baggage has not been traced.

      It got worse when on their return, the doctor and his wife found locks and zippers tampered with at the Dubai airport on their remaining checked-in baggage.

      The airline pleaded that as per the Carriage Act it was liable to pay a sum of US $20 per kg only and with respect to damage of suitcase, it reimbursed US $150 as an interim relief at Athens.

      This did not find favour with Justice Kapoor who noted,‘‘Liability under the Consumer Protection Act arises from the offence of deficiency of service which is to be judged independently. Loss of baggage, non-delivery, late delivery and pilferage is in itself a deficiency in service. Hence the consumer who suffers mental agony and harassment needs to be compensated.’’

Judicial Pronouncement: No maintenance for wife who can’t prove cruelty: HC

 No maintenance for wife who can’t prove cruelty: HC


Kartikeya | TNN


       Mumbai: Justice V R Kingaonkar of the Bombay high court ruled this week that a husband did not have to pay maintenance to a wife who left her matrimonial house alleging cruelty and harassment but could not prove the same before a magistrate. 

       The order came after the court heard the plea of Sanjay Bhosale (35), a ward boy at Pune’s Yerawada Mental Hospital whose wife, Khristina, left him within five months of their wedding in May 1998, alleging that Bhosale was a drunkard who often beat her up and demanded gifts. Khristina had even said that she ‘‘apprehended danger to her life’’ at his house and therefore could not live with him any longer.

          Khristina had filed for a separate monthly maintenance allowance of Rs 1,500 under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Her plea was first turned down by a magistrate, but a sessions court awarded her a monthly allowance of Rs 700. Bhosale took the matter to the high court, saying that he had not treated Khristina cruelly and that she had left him of her own will.

       Justice Kingaonkar, who heard Bhosale’s plea, observed that Khristina had not produced any documents or examined any witnesses in court to support her claims that she had lodged a police complaint against Bhosale and written to her father about the cruel treatment she was suffering at his hands.

      On the other hand Bhosale brought the two neighbours — Shubhangi and Bashid — to court as defence witnesses. The neighbours
testified that he was ‘‘not addicted to any vice’’ and that they had never him quarrel with Khristina.

      Bhosale also told the high court that he had been granted restitution of conjugal rights by a family court in 2003 which noted that Khristina had ‘‘withdrawn from the society without any reasonable excuse’’.

       Justice Kingaonkar, after going through all the evidence, considered that Khristina could have left Bhosale ‘‘under the burden of domestic chores’’ and the family court had also said she was ‘‘guilty of deserting Bhosale without any reasonable excuse’’.

UP Police: Ridiculing of a witness by DG

Noida eyewitness ridiculed


      Noida/Lucknow: Should an unarmed chowkidar be expected to fight with four armed and trigger-happy criminals who have just shot a woman dead without much provocation? And if this man comes forward as an eyewitness, should he be paraded before the media and then ridiculed by senior cops instead of being praised and given protection? 

         Believe it or not, while on a visit to Noida on Friday, DGP Vikram Singh allegedly called this eyewitness, Dev, ‘‘an idiot’’, adding that he wasn’t fit to be a guard. Before dozens of TV cameras, at the Noida police control room, the state police supremo said: ‘‘He saw the whole thing (murder) happening. And, he should have reacted.’’

        Speaking to the TOI on Friday in Lucknow, the DGP said whatever he said was meant for his subordinates and himself. He said if he had to say anything to the eyewitness, he would have said it in Hindi. ‘‘I didn’t use the word that a section of the media is claiming I have and I didn’t talk to the eyewitness at all,’’ he said.

        He said he had told his subordinates that the manner in which the eyewitness reacted to the crime established that he was not fit to be a guard and this should be communicated to the person who had engaged him.

       On Saturday evening, Dev could not be traced. Construction workers and thelawallas who are at the spot daily, said, ‘‘The police has frightened him away by abusing and mistreating him. He voluntarily provided the police the first information on the Sheeba murder. He could have easily gone away. After all, who likes to be a witness in a murder case?’’ fumed a contractor at the spot. Nobody was willing to give his address.

       On Friday, Dev had said, ‘‘There were bullets flying by the time I realized what was happening. I do not even understand Hindi properly. And I was about 40 metres from the spot on the road. It was over before I could react. But, I volunteered to provide the police all the information I could. What else do they want of me?’’

       Reacting to what had happened, Supreme Court lawyer Amit Khemka said: ‘‘One person had been shot and the culprits would naturally not have stopped at killing Dev, too. The punishment for two murders is the same as for one. And, had Dev been killed, the police would have no witness. You see, the cops in this state have never bothered about witness protection. They actually harass witnesses. That is why nobody testifies.’’

        Criminal lawyer SP Chowdhary said, ‘‘At least the guard came forward to provide information. The police should thank him. But, more than that, they should realize that his life is in danger. The killers know he is witness to their crime. He should be provided protection and encouraged. The DG has set a bad example for other police officers.’’



Consumer Complaints:Toll free nos

        For information of those who wish to complain of poor service especially Telecom Sector here are some nos.

National Consumer Help Line: 1800-11-4000 (Toll Free-MTNL/BSNL)

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Working days 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM


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Informtion culled from an advertisement in TOI.