RTI:CIC unable to furnish information to public

getimage3.jpgRTI: CIC unable to furnish information to public

       It is well known that no Babu likes the CIC . CIC is starved  of staff and lacks infrastructural facilities so much so that it is unable to maintain and  minimal requirements of record keeping.

       CIC is a new body and  keeping in view the positive attitude of the CIC himself, for the present these draw backs can be attributed to lack of infrastructure, staff and not an effort to sabotage the CIC as a functioning organisation. 

extracts from TOI

       NEW DELHI: Like charity, transparency begins at home. India’s topmost body, created to enforce your right to know, just learnt this the hard way.

      The Central Information Commission has been caught on the wrong foot after an RTI activist exposed how the commission — known for ticking off public authorities which fail to maintain records, leading to lack of transparency — is itself unable to furnish to the public information as basic as the number and status of cases and appeals pending with it. The reason: it maintains no such record.

       Faced with proof that a citizen cannot know the status and pendency of cases in the commission, a stunned chief information commissioner Wajahat Habibullah has ordered inhouse upgrade of records.

      Habibullah’s orders to remedy the “grevious defect” came recently after his public information officer admitted the commission kept no record of judgements and orders passed or pending on cases heard.

      “The CIC’s registry will take immediate steps to computerize and maintain a record of appeals/complaints admitted, date of hearing of each appeal, decision in each case with the state of announcement,” the chief information commissioner decreed while deciding an RTI plea filed by Shruti Singh Chauhan.

      “Such information should be updated regularly and supplied to every information commissioner at the end of each month. This should also be made available in public domain through the commission’s website. This exercise will be completed within one month,” he added.

      Chauhan’s brush with the RTI Act came earlier too, when she appealed in CIC after the Delhi HC did not heed her RTI plea seeking to know the procedure adopted for appointment of class 3 and class 4 level employees in HC.

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