Need to keep eye on overloaded trucks

        In Delhi city alone there is an average of five deaths due to accidents every day.

       Trucks and Private Buses are responsible for most of the fatal accidents.

        Breaching of traffic rules, and non observation of signals is the norm for trucks and buses.  

There Need to keep eye on overloaded trucks  New Delhi:

        Most accidents caused by trucks in the recent past have been a result of overloaded truck overturning on city roads.

       The traffic police perhaps needs to take some strict action to check the weight carried by  trucks as about 90 per cent of the trucks in the city are overloaded. Such trucks are more at risk as extra weight causes the braking time to increase. 

    All the vehicles are tested at the time of manufacturing for safety with a particular amount of weight and when the load exceeds the prescribed safe weight, the vehicle becomes more prone to losing balance and overturning.

Moreover, overloaded trucks cause more air pollution as they use more horsepower to carry all the extra weight and they also decrease the average life of a road by from 10 to 3.5 years. 

       According to traffic officials, measures to check drivers for over speeding, rash and negligent driving, drunken driving etc are already on in full swing and monitoring the load on each truck may soon follow.

        However, steps like installing weighbridges at all the 13 entry points into the city and streamlining the process of assigning goods to trucks through loading agents are still nowhere close to being implemented.

Andher Nagari : Gurgaon Water Crisis: result of miscreant action

The water channel  was breached last year also but The miscreants were let off. (This has happened three times already)

They have done it again and 20 lakh residents are facing water shortage.

15 miscreants arrested from village Bhupania. Are they the real culprits?

Why did the government not take adequate precautions?

Regret no hope of water till Wednesday.

Tankers make hay. Charge up to Rs 500/.

 Gurgaon hit by water crisis  No Supply For Two More Days  

Extracts from TNN  

         Gurgaon: Gurgaon’s acute water shortage since Friday is unlikely to improve in the next two days, though district administration claimed on Sunday that it would push more water tankers to increase water supply. The water crisis has been caused due to the breach in water supply channel twice at Bupania village in Jhajjar district in last few days, reportedly by farmers to irrigate their fields. 

      The worst affected areas are the colonies which completely depend on canal water whereas the situation is little better in private colonies where residents are overdependent on ground water. 

     The first breach was reported on March 17 and water was supplied to the city from the reservoirs of HUDA. Another breach has occurred at the same site, which has aggravated the crisis.

         30 percent of the area of Gurgaon city receives water from tube well and 70 percent area depended on canal water. The worst affected areas are the western part of the city, including sector 4, 7, 22, 23, 10A, and adjoining areas. To meet the demand, the district administration has requisitioned nearly 700 water tankers in the district to reach Gurgaon, including tankers from the army. 

         Meanwhile, public health chief secretary Dharam Vir told Times City, ‘‘The repair work has been going on. The exact cause of the breach is being investigated. We are taking all possible steps to prevent such incidents by putting a dedicated police post at this site and police patrolling on this stretch will be intensified.’’

   Highly placed sources said that in all probability the repair work will be complete by Tuesday and only 12 hours later would the water supply start. Residents could get piped water only by Wednesday morning.

   HUDA administrator Srikant Walgad said that drinking water in HUDA areas was supplied from 71 tube wells and that the minimum requirement of water would be met in the entire city.

Acute water shortage has been reported from G block of DLF-I, DLF-III. In areas such as sector-23, each house got about 300 litres of water on Sunday. ‘‘We hope to get more tankers to supply water until the canal supply is restored. It’s difficult to manage life with such little water,’’ said B S Tripathy, a resident.

Future Plan

A 20 MGD water treatment plant to be completed by mid 2009 600 cusec per day from 65.6 km NCR channel to be built at Rs 225 crore to meet future water demand
Four new water treatment plants as per 2021 Master Plan

Dipak Kumar Dash | TNN  

Rahul Gandhi: Congress Party Needs an Icon

Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi, Nov 5:Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Friday gave clear indication that  Rahul Gandhi may be asked to take over the reins of the party soon as working president.

“Rahul has to come in the mainstream. Right now he is looking only after Youth Congress and the student wing of the party. I feel now he has to look after us all,” Digvijay Singh told reporters

ON BOARD PM’s AIRCRAFT: With expectation mounting that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will soon take up more active responsibilities in the party, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that he will welcome any new responsibility given to Rahul.

Reacting to questions about reports that Gandhi’s responsibilities might be enhanced and he could be designated “working president”, the PM said “This is a party matter and I can’t say about it…But if Rahul Gandhi is given any new responsibility, I will certainly welcome it.”

Rahul Gandhi (1970), son of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi made his entry into politics by announcing that he would contest the May 2004 elections, standing for his father’s former constituency of Amehti in UP . Earlier Sanjay Gandhi had had been elected from that constituency. Subsequently the seat had been held by his mother until she transferred to the neighboring constituency of Rae Bareilly.

         “At the time, this move generated surprise among political commentators, who had regarded his sister Priyanka as being the more charismatic and likely to succeed. Party officials did not have a CV ready for the media; such was the surprise of his move. He won with a landslide majority, retaining the family stronghold with a margin of over 100,000 as the Congress unexpectedly defeated the ruling BJP.” 

        Later Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Vadra Gandhi managed their mother’s campaign for reelection in 2006, which was won with a margin of over 400,000 votesRahul was in the high profile Congress campaign for the 2007 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections; Congress, however, won only 22 seats with 8.53% of votes 

        Congress Party Needs an Icon  Sonia Gandhi  literally lifted congress by its boot straps and with an astuteness (which was not expected from her) managed coalitions across the board and ensured that BJP which was crowing from the roof tops about a ’shining India’ was left biting the dust. She managed to reinvigorate the party which had seen better days, through intensive campaigning. She had shown that she was one tough customer. 

       Her popularity graph soared beyond the chart when she refused to accept the post of prime minister. Congress literally had its cake and could eat it too. It had a leader who could win elections for it and still be not power hungry. An unprecedented occurrence in the arena of Indian party politics.

       With all the positive traits Sonia has shown in inducing life in to the party  Congress would still like its icon to be an ‘Indian” who cannot be sniped at continuously as  being of foreign origin. It wants to live down its image of being  an aggregate of ageing power hungry satraps constantly at each other’s throats who need an ‘outsider’ to sort out their problems.

       The satraps themselves would like a figure on the top who is not awesome in terms s of experience, have an independent public face with ability to reach directly to the masses , or worse still  ability to out maneuver them and  function independently.

          An inexperienced Rahul naïve and simple would be more approachable and amenable. Remember the case of his father Rajiv who came in equally inexperienced and naïve with great ideas of what India should be, and how congress should function as a benefactor of the people. He was keen to alleviate the misery of the common man and take the administration even to the door of the poorest villager rotting far away from the capital.

       Rajiv was blocked and stymied at every positive step that he took by the old guard and ultimately paid the price. He was virtually hounded out. Congress went out of office and had he not been martyred Congress would never have made it back to form a government albeit a coalition one under Narasimha Rao. 

         Younger elements in the party see in Rahul an opportunity to grow beyond the shadows of an ageing set of leaders who for long have enjoyed the fruits of office. The young men and women would like some power to trickle down to them for their own work at the grass roots. An odd Pilot or Scindia who has made it to the middle level of hierarchy has done so in the name of their parents.

       To quote a senior Congress office bearer and member of the coterie working for Sonia as told to, “Rahul Gandhi is talking sense, as there are a large number of leaders in Congress who have money, muscle and political power owing to their closeness to 10, Jan path (Congress chief’s residence). But, if these senior and powerful leaders stand in an election, their win is uncertain because Congress does not have cadre working round the year. Congress cadre works only when the party is in power.”

          The senior Congressman explained further, “The opposite is also true. Even if you have loyal following at the block level and are popular in your district but if you can’t get a ticket to fight an election, you are nobody in the party. Rahul Gandhi is trying to build the cadre of Congress as the BJP and Left parties have.”

        [1]Congress has closed around him protectively. He is the recipient of adulation and given all possible encouragement. His actions are proclaimed and woe betides any one who dares to say a word against him. Heavy handed measures have been taken to prevent damage to his image. Handling of the Newsweek article in 2006 is an example.  

      Priyanka Vadra Gandhi was a relentless canvasser for her mother and was expected to take the mantle of her formidable grandmother. She appears to have gone into temporary hibernation. For family reasons we are told. She has experience of party politics and canvassing and could  advice Rahul from time to time. May be she will come out of the closet one day and stand beside her mother and brother.

        Other Political Parties see in Rahul, an opponent who with time and experience may well flower in to the icon Congress is looking for. Under his mother’s tutelage, Rahul has already tasted blood in the election campaigns in 2004, 06, and 07.

        He has committed  his share of gaffes and errors but none that are remembered by voters. His poor grades in the UP election have been have been put down to inexperience and absence of an effective middle level leadership in UP, coupled with fading away of grass roots workers. BSP’s victory is attributed to casteist politics, a level to which Congress will not descend. Gujarat was a foregone case.

        The last few months have seen the young scion of Gandhi family, actively moving from location to location entering the huts of the most wretched, playing with children of the poor and also talking of democracy in his own party. PR is being handled by media professionals and the splash of photo op sessions are there, staring in your face every day. This is considered to be a threat (which it is) to their propaganda of Rahul being loose, ineffective, wishy washy, and being in the limelight solely on account of his birth in the Gandhi family.

       So broadsides have been turned on him. He is being projected as the leading architect of failure of Congress in the UP elections (Of course the dismal performance of their on parties is not mentioned at all).

       Much worse is expected to follow in course of time, as the election scenario heats up. One would wish that a young man on whom responsibilities have been thrust would be given some quarter, but alas that simply cannot be expected in the rough world of politics. 

        The Public in India is fully aware of dynasty politics. With few exceptions they accept it. Meritocracy, is not the norm. The case of BJP, the communist parties, where dynasty politics has not entered in a big way are seen but not treated examples to be followed. 

        The media is happy with the news and photo ops. They are happy giving front page coverage and include articles both for and against. Journalists and ‘opinion makers’ (mostly paid) are busy penning articles. Even some editors have entered the fray. 

          Rahul himself appears to have realized or has been made to realize that being born a Gandhi is not a bed of roses worse a load of responsibility is placed on your shoulders. He has little choice but to come out and lead the party from the front or be called a failure or worse. It is good that the young man is waking up to his responsibilities.

         Life is going to be one of constant struggles in the rough and tumble of Indian politics. He needs to beware of the powerbrokers who flood 10 Jan path, and gather around him some good persons who will give him balanced advice on various issues. Such persons are rare and hard to come by, especially in the political circles. But then he has his mother who has seen good and really bad times and come out stronger, by his side. 

        Knowing the history of the Nehru Family one cannot but wish him success in his endeavors.   


Child Marriage stopped: Teachers, NGO, Police intervene

Teachers intervene and stop marriage of 12 years old girl

        In Tamil Nadu, in the village of Selliampalayam, a 12 years old girl, a student of class VII was to have been married off to a boy 11 years old, from a neighbouring village. Neither of these kids wanted to marry.  

       However parents insisted and the marriage was arranged. The day before the marriage the girl informed her friends who told their teachers. They informed a local NGO who got in touch with the police.

       The local police under a DSP rushed to the village and warned the parents on prohibition of child marriages and counselled the fathers and stopped the marriage.They have advised the parents to send the children back to school.  

       A good deed indeed. Teachers in the school, the NGO and the DSP R Bhaskaran deserve to be congradulated. 


Can the police intervene and stop  child marriages in Rajasthan, UP or Bihar?

Kerala Police: A highly Qualified Force

Kerala Police: A highly Qualified Force 

         The latest batch of 240 Sub Inspectors  under training are getting ready for induction in to the police force once the training period is over.

    The tally is like this

      Post Graduates : 75

      MBA: 4

      MCA: 4

      BTech : 3 

         Kerala Police has a good reason to be proud of such qualified entrants to their profession. The people of Kerala also have a good reason to expect better polcing, if such is the standard of recruitment in future also. 

       However a point of concern is that many of these young lads may have had to join the police not necessarily because they wanted to, or had an aptitude for police work, but due to absence of any better alternative. Kerala with its high levels of education produces degree holders by the thousands. But the successive communist governments and militant labour have driven industry and business away from Kerala compelling  educated youth to move out of Kerala in large numbers or take up even low paid jobs. 

       In the highly politicised climate in Kerala it would be difficult for these young men to perform their duties impartially.

        However it is hoped that one day when the bulk of Kerala Police turns out to be well educated the standards of performance will improve and people of Kerala can consider them to be their own. 

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NRI: FBI arrests two for killing NRI couple

FBI arrests two more  for killing NRI couple

      Two more suspects will face charges in the alleged contract killings of a Troy couple, Birj Mohan Chhabra, 65, and his wife Aasha Chhabra, 56, police said Saturday.

       Narayan Thadani and Douglas Tabor, both Texas residents, were arrested late Friday night in the Houston area by FBI agents on charges of conspiracy to commit murder in conjunction. 

      They were arrested in connection with the deaths of a husband and wife found shot in the head in their home. Computer programmer and yoga instructor Birj Mohan Chhabra ( 65) and his 56- yearold wife Aaasha were shot dead on Tuesday at Troy, Michigan. Both had been shot at close rangein their home on Delaware Drive.

            Two other Texas men, Miguel Angel Servando- Ortiz ( 40) and Nelson Oswaldo Mendoza ( 34) have already pleaded not guilty on Friday on murder charges.

     The duo were arrested on 11th Tuesday, soon after the police found the elderly couple’s bodies. The police have said the attack was not random.

      Aaasha is believed to have relied on Thadani’s help in liquidating assets left to her in India by her parents. In a 2006 lawsuit she accused Thadani, a longtime family friend, of moving her funds to his own account without permission and refusing to return them to her along with her passport, green card and ID.

      Friends say the shootings may have been a contract hit connected to the lawsuit. Tabor is an associate of Thadani, according to a statement released by Troy police.


The News has reported how Servando-Ortiz and Mendoza, both El Salvador nationals, were allegedly promised $100,000 to kill the couple, according to prosecutors.

Even cooks can one day be panchayat head

Even cooks can one day be panchayat head

        KALAIVANI works as a cook in a school. But this is not her only job. The middleaged woman also doubles up as the Panchayat President of her Keezhkuppam village in the backward Dharmapuri district.

        Riding a trendy two- wheeler on the bumpy roads, she sets out to do her work as panchayati president. Kalaivani has overcome many a hurdle to rise to this level.

        Poverty forced her to be a second wife when she was barely 18 years old. “ Being black in colour, I was insulted and deserted by my husband, when I was four months pregnant,” the spunky president recalls.

         After a brief stint as a tailor at the hosiery town of Tiruppur, she returned to her native village and life continued to be a struggle as ever. However, she won hands down in the panchayat election as an independent candidate, trouncing male opponents, who flaunted money and muscle power.

        To her shock, she found that most of the women panchayat presidents in the district were represented by their husbands even at official meetings.

       When the school authorities entertained doubts as to whether she could remain a cook, the cool headed Kalaivani made it clear that she would not mix her new role with her job saying, “ I am president only for my village but a cook for my school”.