RTI: Delhi Police reluctant to give information

          RTI: Delhi Police must realise times are changing.


        Delhi Police demands Rs 24,500 for answering RTI question

          The Right to Information ( RTI) Act, enforced in 2005 to ensure transparency in the government’s functioning, is now being “ misused” by the Delhi Police as a way of making quick money.

      Reena Banerjee, director of Nav Shrishti, a Delhi- based NGO working for child and women’s rights, was in for a rude shock when she filed an RTI application with the Delhi Police asking for details of children who went missing or were kidnapped in the Capital last December.

         The NGO received a letter from Delhi West and South West district police, which stated that she could get the relevant information if she coughed up Rs 12,224 for each district. According to RTI rules, an applicant needs to shell out no more than Rs 2 per page — if at all the applicant has asked for photocopies of certain documents.

       Banerjee said, “ Why should the police demand an unreasonable amount to part with information, which the Centre is supposed to provide free of cost to its citizens?”

        According to the Delhi Police’s reply to Banerjee’s RTI application, “ A sub- inspector at Rs 773 per day for a day, a head constable at Rs 451 per day for a day and 13 constables at Rs 425 per day for two days would be needed for the information to be gathered.”

        The total amounted to Rs 12, 224 for each of the two districts. She has now complained to the Central Information Commission ( CIC), the supreme authority looking after the RTI, and is waiting for a response. Deputy commissioner of police ( South West District) Shalini Singh said: “ The information the applicant had asked for is not readily available with us and will require many policemen to work in tandem. We had to ask for extra charges, and a breakup of the cost was given to the applicant in writing.”

        She said the department had no problem giving out information that are “ readily available” at respective police stations without extra charge. Santosh Jha, an RTI activist of Parivartan, an organisation working to ensure just, transparent and accountable governance, said demanding money to provide information under the RTI was “ unlawful”.

        “ We have come across several cases in other states as well where the Public Information Officer ( PIO) has demanded money to give information.

        It is illegal. According to the RTI Act, all information is to be provided free of cost to the citizens, regardless of how much staff is required to collect the data and how much time it takes,” Jha said.

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  1. Delhi police is governd under the constitution of india and not a private one,how can one and no one can deny the fundamental rights to citizen of the country.Who pays salary to insp.,constables and others.It is we pay the salary to all the delhi police.
    thank you.

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