Need to keep eye on overloaded trucks

        In Delhi city alone there is an average of five deaths due to accidents every day.

       Trucks and Private Buses are responsible for most of the fatal accidents.

        Breaching of traffic rules, and non observation of signals is the norm for trucks and buses.  

There Need to keep eye on overloaded trucks  New Delhi:

        Most accidents caused by trucks in the recent past have been a result of overloaded truck overturning on city roads.

       The traffic police perhaps needs to take some strict action to check the weight carried by  trucks as about 90 per cent of the trucks in the city are overloaded. Such trucks are more at risk as extra weight causes the braking time to increase. 

    All the vehicles are tested at the time of manufacturing for safety with a particular amount of weight and when the load exceeds the prescribed safe weight, the vehicle becomes more prone to losing balance and overturning.

Moreover, overloaded trucks cause more air pollution as they use more horsepower to carry all the extra weight and they also decrease the average life of a road by from 10 to 3.5 years. 

       According to traffic officials, measures to check drivers for over speeding, rash and negligent driving, drunken driving etc are already on in full swing and monitoring the load on each truck may soon follow.

        However, steps like installing weighbridges at all the 13 entry points into the city and streamlining the process of assigning goods to trucks through loading agents are still nowhere close to being implemented.

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