NRI: FBI arrests two for killing NRI couple

FBI arrests two more  for killing NRI couple

      Two more suspects will face charges in the alleged contract killings of a Troy couple, Birj Mohan Chhabra, 65, and his wife Aasha Chhabra, 56, police said Saturday.

       Narayan Thadani and Douglas Tabor, both Texas residents, were arrested late Friday night in the Houston area by FBI agents on charges of conspiracy to commit murder in conjunction. 

      They were arrested in connection with the deaths of a husband and wife found shot in the head in their home. Computer programmer and yoga instructor Birj Mohan Chhabra ( 65) and his 56- yearold wife Aaasha were shot dead on Tuesday at Troy, Michigan. Both had been shot at close rangein their home on Delaware Drive.

            Two other Texas men, Miguel Angel Servando- Ortiz ( 40) and Nelson Oswaldo Mendoza ( 34) have already pleaded not guilty on Friday on murder charges.

     The duo were arrested on 11th Tuesday, soon after the police found the elderly couple’s bodies. The police have said the attack was not random.

      Aaasha is believed to have relied on Thadani’s help in liquidating assets left to her in India by her parents. In a 2006 lawsuit she accused Thadani, a longtime family friend, of moving her funds to his own account without permission and refusing to return them to her along with her passport, green card and ID.

      Friends say the shootings may have been a contract hit connected to the lawsuit. Tabor is an associate of Thadani, according to a statement released by Troy police.


The News has reported how Servando-Ortiz and Mendoza, both El Salvador nationals, were allegedly promised $100,000 to kill the couple, according to prosecutors.

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