Delhi: Drive against Drnken Driving

Drop in drunken driving but accidents continue.

Following the footsteps of Mumbai Police Delhi Traffic Police have commenced a drive against drunken driving.

This drive is welcomed by Citizens Alliance.

       THE DELHI Police have claimed that there has been a drop in the number of late-night road accidents over the last two months in the Capital. Their figures suggest a downward trend in cases of drunken driving.

       But events on the ground portray a different picture. The menace hasn’t ceased completely. Two people died on Sunday morning,  allegedly due to drunken driving. Speaking on the incident, S.N. Srivastava, joint commissioner of police (traffic), said: “The car driver went beyond the speed limit. He lost control (of the car) and rammed into a tree.”

        Srivastava, maintaining that it was an isolated case, said, “Our efforts to prevent late-night road accidents, including drunken driving, have yielded positive results. We have noticed a drop of about 30-35 per cent in the case of drivers speeding under the influence of alcohol. The awareness to stay away from drunken driving is working and the imposition of fines has helped our cause.”

       He added: “Earlier, almost 90 per cent of those fined at night were involved in drunken driving. Of the 90 per cent, an overwhelming 80 per cent people were drunk beyond the permissible limits.”

Extracts from Mail Today

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