Delhi Police: Cops framed me for cash’

Cops framed me for cash’

That corruption has seeped into the Delhi Police system has been reiterated once again with two officers of the Anti Auto Theft Squad (AATS) being suspected for falsely implicating a person.
Inspector Jai Bhagwan Pehalwan and sub-inspector Pradeep Kumar have come under the scanner for their roles in falsely fabricating and implicating a man in a motor vehicle theft case (IPC 411- 147/ 2005). At the time, the two of them were deputed with the Operations Cell of the AATS.
An ‘internal vigilance enquiry’ report submitted to the high court by the Delhi Police itself brought the matter to light on Friday. The report — conducted by an assistant commissioner — indicts both the police officers.
Pehalwan and Kumar have been accused of forcibly dragging outside one Vinod Kumar Sharma, 29, from his Esteem car straight to the Operations Cell office in Maurice Nagar. “There, the two policemen hung me from a tree and demanded that I cough up Rs one Lakh or face the case. And when I couldn’t arrange for the money, the case was put on me. I was left to rot for no fault of mine,” Sharma said.
What Vinod told MAIL TODAY might have been allegations only, but the the Delhi Police’s ‘internal enquiry report’ spells serious trouble for the two accused cops. The report not only indicts the two in this case, but also recommends that serious cases be registered against them under various sections of the IPC.
“Immediately after I was granted bail, I approached other authorities for recourse. I knew I was being framed. I am married with three kids and have my own cloth business. A person who owes me money paid the policemen to make up a case against me,” Sharma added.
The investigating ACP has written, “In view of the facts and circumstances available in the file, one feels that the statement made by the complainant has a lot of weight. The investigations should immediately be taken over by the Crime Branch since a lot of evidence still needs to be collected against the police officers named in the complaint…..”
Rajan Bhagat, the spokesperson of Delhi Police, said; “We have taken note of the matter. We will start proceedings once the report is submitted in the high court.”
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Delhi: Drive against Drnken Driving

Drop in drunken driving but accidents continue.

Following the footsteps of Mumbai Police Delhi Traffic Police have commenced a drive against drunken driving.

This drive is welcomed by Citizens Alliance.

       THE DELHI Police have claimed that there has been a drop in the number of late-night road accidents over the last two months in the Capital. Their figures suggest a downward trend in cases of drunken driving.

       But events on the ground portray a different picture. The menace hasn’t ceased completely. Two people died on Sunday morning,  allegedly due to drunken driving. Speaking on the incident, S.N. Srivastava, joint commissioner of police (traffic), said: “The car driver went beyond the speed limit. He lost control (of the car) and rammed into a tree.”

        Srivastava, maintaining that it was an isolated case, said, “Our efforts to prevent late-night road accidents, including drunken driving, have yielded positive results. We have noticed a drop of about 30-35 per cent in the case of drivers speeding under the influence of alcohol. The awareness to stay away from drunken driving is working and the imposition of fines has helped our cause.”

       He added: “Earlier, almost 90 per cent of those fined at night were involved in drunken driving. Of the 90 per cent, an overwhelming 80 per cent people were drunk beyond the permissible limits.”

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