New parking plan for Def Col market

      Parking vehicles especialy in market areas and office complexes is a major head ache for Delhites. The misery is compunded by the nexus between contractors, traffic police, and the MCD.

      Citizens are fleeced mercilessly at these ‘parking lots’ , and have no one to turn to.

New parking plan for Def Col market

extracts from  Mail Today Bureau New Delhi

      THE MUNICIPAL Corpo­ration of Delhi (MCD) seems to have had enough of contractors and wants to pay them back in the same coin. In a pilot project, the corporation will award parking sites at two places to traders’ associations — consequently, doing away with contractors.

       “We have decided to give parking to traders’ asso­ciations at two places,” said Delhi mayor Aarti Mehra. “These are the surface parking at Defence Colony and Lajpat Nagar. It will be done on pilot basis for one month. We will check the feasibility of the project. If it is found to be successful, we will submit the report to the higher authorities and the project will be implemented at other parking sites in Delhi.”

        The revenue earned will be shared by the MCD and the traders’ associations. “After paying attendants and other staff employed at the parking sites, the remaining profit will be shared equally between the MCD and the traders’ association.”

     A similar parking scheme was tried at Yusuf Sarai and Hauz Khas about a-year-and-a-half ago. “It was successful over there,” said Mehra. “That is why we will extend the scheme to these two areas.”
The MCD has 220 parking lots under its purview in Delhi.

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