Kerala : Diverting from real issues


     A state that has virtually no industries and the highest number of suicides has no time for real issues. Communists are more interested to divert atttention from real issues confronting the citizens.


‘Separate season for women at Sabari Mala
7 Feb 2008, 1601 hrs IST , PTI
 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala government has mooted a separate pilgrimage season for women at Sabarimala Ayyappa temple to end the controversy over ban on entry of women of certain age groups at the hill shrine.In its affidavit filed in the apex court on Wednesday in response to a case seeking a direction to lift the traditional ban on women between the age group of 10 and 50 at the temple, the government has also suggested that the court could form a scholars’ panel to study the proposal.

      The affidavit said the government was of the view that there should not be any “gender discrimination”. Though the government was for maintaining equal status for men and women, a separate season for women was necessary in view of the practical difficulties in providing facilities for women when lakhs of devotees converge there during the pilgrimage season between November and January, it said.

       Apparently referring to strong opposition by conservative groups against the entry of women of all ages, it said the government was not the “last word”, as customs and traditions would also have to be taken into consideration.

      Therefore, the court could appoint a scholars’ panel to study various aspects of the issue as the government had no plan to bring in a legislation. The government will go by the court’s decision, the affidavit, which was filed in response to the petition by Young Lawyers Association, said.

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