Karnataka Govt set to bar women from night shifts

Govt set to bar women from night shifts
22 Feb 2008, 0214 hrs IST , TNN

BANGALORE: The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961, bars women from working at night.

However, an amendment in 2002, brought in as per recommendation of the state’s IT policy, exempts IT, IT-enabled services, BT and essential services. Essential services include hospitals, railways, and media organisations.

After the Pratibha Murthy murder in 2005, the then labour minister Iqbal Ansari said he would strictly enforce the law and invoke the ban.

He said a notification would be issued to ensure that women are not employed at night. In case of industries where women would be allowed to work at night, company managements would be responsible for their security.

In case they failed to provide adequate security to women, they would be fined, Ansari said.

However, the notification was never issued, thanks to widespread agitation by women’s groups.

As of now, the ban stays, but IT and some other industries are exempted

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