Mumbai Scenario for Two Wheelers

Bikes account for 1/3rd of traffic cases  Viju B | TNN  

       Mumbai: It is yet unclear whether the two youths who jumped a signal on the Eastern Express highway on Tuesday met with a severe accident because of a traffic constable’s rash actions, but fact remains that lakhs of two-wheeler riders are stopped and booked on the highways and roads for not wearing helmets and driving rashly. 


       Data shows that nearly 30 percent of all traffic offences registered last year were against two wheelers. Out of the 19.47 lakh cases, around seven lakh (more than 30%) were against two wheeler riders who had committed a range of offences such as not wear helmets, drive rashly or negligently, drink and drive, cut lanes and talk on mobile phones while driving. 

   The figures on road fatalities bear this out. Of the total 632 fatal accidents which took place between January and December 2006, 79 involved two wheeler. “Around 12 percent of all the fatal accidents that took place were due to two-wheeler drivers,’’ a senior police official said. 

       Of all the two-wheeler riders booked, 3.26 lakh were caught for not wearing helmets, 7,000 for talking on mobile phones and another 10,000 for rash and drunken driving. In all, the department collected Rs 2.10 crore as fine last year.

Jan 2007-Dec 2007
Total number of cases registered agaInst 2 wheeler drivers: 7 lakh
   Total number of cases registered for driving offences: 19.47 lakh

Break-up of 2-wheeler cases

Rash driving: 3,287

Drunken driving: 7,823

Jumping signals: 53,000

Cutting lanes: 15,500

Parking violation: 2.16 lakh

Halting on zebra crossings: 3,000

Held without helmet: 3.26 lakh

Caught for talking on mobile phones: 7,000

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