Maharashtra: Rating of Beauracrats

Top babus flop in appraisals  Nitin Yeshwantrao | TNN  Mumbai:

     They sit in judgment over thousands of minions and hundreds of issues, but how do the mandarins of Mantralaya fare in their own performance appraisals? As many as 46 of the 56 senior bureaucrats in Mantralaya have scored less than five out of ten for the period from July to December 2007. No bureaucrat scored more than 7/10. 

        Among the 16 who got less than 3/10 are additional chief seceretary (ACS) Chandra Iyengar, who looks after public health, ACS Joyce Sankaran, higher and technical education, Amitabh Chandra, medical education, Medha Gadgil, dairy development and animal husbandary, and N Armugam, social justice department.

        Chief secretary Johny Joseph had appraised the senior bureaucrats on the basis of five key parameters—disposal of files, financial and physical achievements of development funds, recruitments, compliance of assurances made before the state legislature and responses to queries raised by the Public Accounts Committee of the state legislature and the Accountant General’s office. 

         The formula, which aims at ensuring greater accountability to the people and the legislature, could in all probability be the first-of-its-kind in the nation and could set the agenda for administrative reforms in other states.

        S K Goel (cooperatives), V K Jairath (industries), Rahul Asthana (energy), K P Bakshi (food and civil supplies), N B Patil (agriculture), A K Jain (water supply and sanitation) were those who scored less than four in the rating scale of 1/10.

      Clearly disappointed, the chief secretary has conveyed his displeasure to his administrative team and urged them to pull up their socks before the closure of the financial year.

3 ACS-level officials get worst rating

      Mumbai: In the appraisal for a period from July to December 2007, only seven department heads—Sunil Soni (reforms), V K Kanade (expenditure), V V Gaikwad (irrigation), E B Patil (command area development programme), Kshatrapati Shivaji (IT), D K Jain (rural development department) and R Gopal (Appeals) have scored between five to seven.
         Chief secretary Johny Joseph’s appraisal report indicates that the performance of three ACS-level officals—Chandra Iyengar, Joyce Sankaran, Neela Sathyanarayana (revenue)—has been dismal, with all three rated in the scale of 1-3. Three other ACS-rank officials—Chitkala Zhutshi (home), V K Agrawal (planning) and JP Dange (forest) scored up to 4\10.

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