Andher Nagari:Mumbai: Raj Thakeray still on offensive Weak response of Government

raj-thakeray.jpgRaj Thakeray cocks a snook

      Raj Thakeray knows how the system works or rather does not work. It is not for nothing that he has been uder study to BalThakeray, his uncle for many years. H e has learnt a few tricks.

      The fact after inciting violence he could cooly move around the town and even attend a wedding ceremony of the daughter of the Police commissioner is a clear indication of what things are on the ground in Maharashtra.

       Is the government of Maharashtra afraid to take action against Raj Thakeray? Is the government afraid of likely repurcussions on his arrest.

      Of course Raj Thakeray wants to be arrested. Then he can be a hero to quite a few. Not all mind you.

     His uncle Bal Thakeray and cousin Udhav would not like Raj to upstage them.Will the Tiger of Shiv Sena react?  

       In the mean time atmosphere in Mmbai is getting vitiated.  

Some excerpts from TOI

Yogesh Naik | TNN  Mumbai:

      The cycle of violence set in motion by activists of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) continued uninterrupted in the city on Tuesday even as a seemingly unruffled Raj Thackeray, the MNS chief who started it all, attended the wedding reception of police commissioner D N Jadhav’s daughter Kirti in Goregaon. 

Govt unsure about action on Raj

 Home Minister Says Govt Has Compiled Statements Made By MNS Leader For Legal Advice  

Prafulla Marpakwar  Mumbai:

Days after violence rocked parts of the metropolis, the crisis-ridden Democratic Front government is still undecided on the action to be taken against MNS founder Raj Thackeray and Samajwadi party leader Abu Asim Azmi. For now, the government has taken recourse to the excuse that it needs time for a legal opinion.
         “We don’t want to take any action in haste. We have compiled all statements made by Thackeray and Azmi during the last one week, the same will be handed over to the advocate general on Wednesday. We will decide the course of action against the two leaders after we receive the opinion,’’ R R Patil, deputy chief minister, told TOI on Tuesday.
The Oshiwara office of Manoj Tiwari, a popular Bhojpuri actor, was attacked by a mob owing allegiance to the MNS. A few migrants from north India were also beaten up in different parts of the metropolis.

      In Nashik, a local MNS activist, Vasant Gite, warned that all trains entering the state from the north would be stopped if north Indian leaders like Samajwadi Party’s Abu Azmi continued to make “provocative’’ statements. Azmi had said that lathis would be distributed to migrants from UP and Bihar so that they could defend themselves.    

      Some vandals also pelted Azmi’s shoe showroom on Linking Road, Bandra. He claimed that the police were mute witnesses to the attack.
   A group of MNS workers also tried to ransack the office of Sanjay Nirupam, a Congress spokesperson and former Shiv Sainik, who planned to lead a protest march to Raj’s home at Shivaji Park. While the police foiled the MNS plan, they took Nirupam and his supporters into custody.

      By Tuesday night, the city police had arrested 115 MNS activists and 19 SP workers.

   In New Delhi,railway minister Laloo Prasad Yadav called on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and demanded Raj Thackeray’s immediate arrest. A similar demand was also voiced by UP chief minister Mayawati. But the Congress-NCP government in

Maharashtra appeared to be in no hurry to act despite pressure from several quarters.

   Meanwhile, Raj Thackeray mocked at those demanding his arrest by turning up at the Goregaon wedding reception. Host Jadhav gave him a grand welcome. Raj was nattily dressed in a suit and was accompanied by his wife Sharmila. On Tuesday, he reiterated his tirade against north Indian migrants, including actor Amitabh Bachchan. Bhojpuri singer’s office targeted    

      If it was hawkers and cabbies who first tasted the wrath of the MNS, it was Bhojpuri artiste Manoj Tiwari who was at the receiving end of an attack on Tuesday.

      His  office in Andheri’s Mhada colony (above) was vandalised. Tiwari’s participation at SP leader Amar Singh’s rally at Shivaji Park on Sunday is believed to have prompted the attack. He is also a popular singer of ‘Chhath’ songs, the Bihari festival that MNS leader Raj Thackeray is opposed to.

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  1. he is good he know very well what to do and what not to do i dont know why people thinking wrong way he is doing for maharashtra my exprience is when i went to karnataka they people use to talk in there mother tongue why the up and bihar people coming here to get income and what we do here ram kam pe lag gaya hai shyam ko bhej do what we people do they come here do what ever they want so us he is fighting great jod he is doing really proud sir

  2. his great achivement rail exam in marathi

  3. he is real hero of maharashtra.mahar won’thave mise him.

  4. me ethun pudhe fakt aani fakt marathilach pratham sthan deyel. me mahitii tantradnyan shakhet aahe. mazi echa aahe ki ase software tayar karu ki mala ha sandesh marathit lihita aala pahije. malach kay tar pratyek marathi manasala…….
    abhiman aahe mala marathi aslyacha…..

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