Mumbai: Handle Hooligans Firmly.

 Raj Thakeray was shunted out of Shiv Sena. He thought he was no less than his uncle Bal Thakeray. The last election and time have proved  otherwise.     

       He has now gone on the same route taken by many short sighted politicians before. Creating division among the people.

       The influx of large number of people from Bihar and UP in search of better pastures has definitely changed the socialscape of Mumbai. Loss of jobs to ‘ousiders’ has created heartburn among Maharashtrians. This unhappiness is being taken advantage of by Raj Thakeray, in the hope that he will be able to polarize the Mumbai society. After all his uncle had done so just two decades earlier in the name of Maratha pride.

      This is a replay of what has happened in Assam, Manipur, Karnataka, and J&k. India cannot afford to tolerate such shenanigans from leaders and lumpen elements in political parties.

     Unfortunately, we have a weak central government, and congress has no stomach for a fight, at least not for a good cause. Gujarat debacle proves that.

     Raj Thakeray and his hench men should be dealt with firmly, if Mumbai is to survive. 

      Some extracts 

      THE STREETS of Mumbai were on the edge on Sunday. Police were out in numbers to avoid a riot-like situation in Shiv Sena-dominated areas. The war of words between fallen avoid a riot-like situation in Shiv Sena-dominated areas.

       The war of words between fallen Sena leader Raj Thackeray and Samajwadi leaders over the former’s controversial remarks against north Indians and actor Amitabh Bachchan threatened to spill over into widespread violence.
        There were reports of clashes from the city and several towns. Raj’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) supporters assaulted some North Indians in Dadar and Shivaji Park in central Mumbai, inviting retaliation from Samajwadi Party activists who were there to attend a rally of the United National Progressive Alliance on Sunday. In Nashik, Raj supporters burnt the reels of a Bhojpuri film. There were reports of violence in a Thane movie theatre showing a Bhojpuri film .
        Last week, Raj had raised the political temperature making provocative statements against n orth Indian population in Mumbai and the senior Bachchan. This led to a mudslinging between him and Samajwadi Party leaders.
       On Sunday, Raj’s supporters and the Samajwadi Party activists clashed, pelting stones at one another and forcing shopowners in Dadar area to down shutters.

      The trouble began after MNS activists went about manhandling north Indian hawkers and taxi drivers who came to attend the political rally. Police constables remained mute spectators as MNS activists went on the rampage. This led to retaliation from the Samajwadi Party workers, who rained stones on shops in the area.

        At the rally the Samajwadi Party leaders blamed police and the Congress-NCP government for not protecting North Indians and not taking action against Raj’s supporters.

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