Member of Parliament: Delayed Arrest

getimage1.jpg        Can You beleive it? 

       An MP ‘hiding’ for six months and the Police in UP and Delhi were clueless?

      Murder-accused MP, on run for 6 months, held.

New Delhi: Six months after he was declared an absconder, Ateeq Ahmad, a Samajwadi Party MP, landed in jail on Friday after he was arrested the day before by the special cell of Delhi Police from northwest Delhi. Named in as many as 46 cases of heinous crimes like murder, kidnapping and extortion, Ahmad was on the most-wanted list of UP police.
   Ahmad had managed to evade arrest in the sensational murder of BSP legislator Raju Pal in Allahabad in 2005 and was declared an absconder in July 2007. The police had even announced a reward of Rs 20,000 for Ahmad who was expelled from the Samajwadi Party but remained an MP from Phulpur constituency in Uttar Pradesh.
   Ahmed was arrested near Ghalib Apartments on Parwana Road in Pitampura on Thursday. ‘‘We had received a tip-off from an informer that he would be coming to Ghalib Apartments to meet somebody. We laid a trap there and arrested him,’’ said DCP (special cell) Alok Kumar.

He was hiding in Delhi for months

New Delhi: MP Ateeq Ahmad who landed in jail on Friday was named in as many as 46 cases of heinous crimes like murder, kidnapping and extortion, Ahmad was in the most wanted list of UP police.
   Police sources said the MP had been hiding in Delhi for the past several months, with the Mayawati government hot on his heels. In court on Friday, he called for special security on transit as he feared a threat to his life from the Mayawati government. The police had earlier too, received information about his movements in Delhi but the MP managed to give them the slip. Ahmad later told the police that he also spent considerable time in a Faridabad farmhouse.
   Police sources said electronic surveillance helped them nab Ahmad. The MP’s links with a Punjabi Bagh businessman are also under the scanner.
   Before becoming an MP in 2004, Ahmad was a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly from 1989 to 2004 and represented Allahabad city. Ahmad had earlier been arrested by the UP police for his alleged role in the Pal murder case. Pal had defeated Ahmad’s brother in the assembly polls and this angered the MP. Ahmad’s brother became MLA from the same place after Pal’s death.
   In 1995, Ahmad was allegedly involved in the murder of an undertrial, Akhtar, on the Allahabad High Court premises. In 2001, he had allegedly conspired to kill his political opponent Javed Iqbal alias Pappu in Allahabad. One of Javed’s bodyguards was killed in this attack.
   A Delhi court granted Ahmad’s transit remand to the UP police on Friday. Chief metropolitan magistrate Sanjiv Jain ordered that Ahmad be produced in an Allahabad court within two days. The court asked the DCP of Third Battalion of Delhi police to provide him security during his transit to Allahabad and also sought a report from the police in this regard in 15 days. Ahmed was then taken to Tihar jail.
   Earlier, addressing the court in a melodramatic fashion, Ahmad had raised concerns about his security and claimed that there could be a threat to his life during his transit to Allahabad, citing his political rivalry with UP chief minister Mayawati

Ateeq had a free run under Mulayam  A 5-Time MLA Between 1979 And 2007, He Faces 177 Criminal Cases  Subodh Ghildiyal | TNN  New Delhi: It was a match-up waiting to happen. During the debate on the confidence motion in the UP assembly in 2002, a hefty, moustachioed Ateeq Ahmad rubbed in the fact that Mayawati was becoming CM for a third time, with support from the BJP — the very party that had split the BSP in the previous assembly. ‘‘I remember the tears in your eyes when they split your party the last time,’’ he said by way of mock consolation.
   ‘‘Meri aankhon me ansoo nahin aate. Main tere jaison ki ankhon me ansoo lati hoon (I do not shed tears. I only make people like you weep),’’ shot back a raging BSP supremo.
   That was the day everyone said Ateeq was in for a bad time. Soon, the dreaded name from Allahabad was cooling his heels in prison, slapped with charges under NSA.
   A three-year honeymoon and free run under Mulayam Singh Yadav later, the bad times were on the cards for him again. On May 11, 2007, ‘‘Ateeq ka kya hoga (what will happen to Ateeq)?’’ was the buzz in Lucknow as, by afternoon, it became clear that BSP was back in power.
   This time he allegedly had the blood of BSP MLA Raju Pal on his hands, and was one of the hate-figures of Mayawati’s vitriolic campaign, next only to the Yadav chieftain and his confidant Amar Singh.
   Nabbed by Delhi Police and dispatched to UP to face the law after seven months of evasion, Phulpur MP Ateeq has seen the best and the worst of politics and crime.
   The man observers recall is ruthless, but, like all Robinhood criminals, enjoys a supportbase. Above all, he is single-minded in his twin objectives of winning elections and instilling dread, while being shrewd enough to ‘‘use and throw’’ his masters.
   Just like when he started off in crime in volatile Allahabad dealing in railway scrap. If oldtimers remember that he allegedly bumped off Nassan his guru in politics and crime (he was let off by the court), his friends laugh how he has been on the fast track of politics, moving from being independent to hitching up with SP, Apna Dal and back to SP again. All this, while winning the assembly seat from Allahabad west.
   Like many of his ilk who mushroomed across the badlands of UP, Ateeq straddled the acme of crime and politics — becoming a five-time MLA and MP between 1979 and 2007, while also facing 177 criminal cases during the period.
   Ateeq had the best run of his life in the three years Mulayam ruled UP from August 2003. Having ingratiated himself to the SP, desperate for numbers to form the government, he ensured that he was above law. Sources said policemen looked the other way in the friendly regime, as he expanded his empire, dug his roots deeper and emerged the undisputed king of underworld. ‘‘Property’’ was said to be his preferred ‘business’.
   For UP observers, Ateeq’s unbridled power climaxed when Raju Pal, who trounced his brother Ashraf in the bypoll to the seat vacated by him, was shot dead in broad daylight. The state was forced to book the brothers after dilly-dallying owing to pressure from BSP and a hostile regime at the Centre, but insiders said it was a show. Few were shocked though. Cops, who followed Ateeq from his early years when he started off as a railway scrap Mafioso, recalled the killing of Chand Baba. The latter had stood against him in his first poll in 1989 and was killed before the counting. Ateeq won but the charge of murder fell on him.
   Eighteen years later, the ruthless pursuit of objective rang a familiar echo. Pal’s murder was followed by Ashraf winning the bypoll by defeating his widow. Ateeq continued to rise and rise. Until that fateful afternoon when Maya swept to power in an election which had Ateeq as one of her manifesto promises. Unfortunately for him, the Phulpur MP had also burnt his bridges with Mulayam, owing to his loyalty to rebel Beni Prasad Verma.
   Now, he stands alone. In Jail. That, too, in UP ruled by Mayawati. The omens are bad, except the rumours that he has worked the back channels.
   The truth may be out soon. And, it could be make or break for the man who now is MP from the seat once represented by the first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

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