Insecure Indian Railway

Man robbed, thrown off train near Gzb  

Lalit Kumar | TNN  Ghaziabad: A 45-year-old man, who was travelling on the Avadh-Assam Express from Rajasthan to Bihar, had to have a hand and a leg amputated after he was robbed of Rs 15,000 and other belongings and thrown off the train by four to five armed robbers. The tips of most of the fingers of his right hand were also lost due to the fall.
 While the victim, Shiv Narain, was admitted to the district hospital by two Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel, officials at the Ghaziabad GRP police station denied any knowledge of such a case in the area. According to sources at the district hospital, Narain was brought in about 1.25 am on January 29.
        ‘‘According to records,’’ said a medical source, ‘‘he was brought in by constables Din Dayal and Dinesh Chand of the GRP, from Simbhaoli in Ghaziabad’s Garhmukteshwar sub-division. But we do not have details.’’
         Narain, who is still a little dazed at how quickly his life has been transformed for him, says: ‘‘I had been working in the Rajasthan gypsum mines for some months. I had saved up for my wife and four little girls, living back home in Samastipur. I had started from Bikaner. Then suddenly in the Ghaziabad area some men pulled out knives and demanded my money. When I resisted, they grabbed my trunk and a small bag I carried before pushing me off the moving train. I do not know what happened after that. I woke up only in this hospital. I am still hazy in the mind,’’ he said.
   Ghaziabad GRP officials said they knew nothing saying: ‘‘If he was brought in from Simbhaoli, it falls under Moradabad jurisdiction.’’
   All attempts to contact the Moradabad GRP police station failed. Nobody from the GRP has so far contacted Narain in the hospital, suggesting that no serious investigation is being carried out.

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