Andher Nagari : UP

Mayawati Does it Again. Suspends 4 officers for praising Congress

     Remember how she socked a dozen police officers clean off the field for being Mulayam’s men. They were suspended and were allowed to rejoin only after utter humiliation.

   Babus have always been siding the winning team. How did these four Babus miscalculate? May be they were hoping to get a posting to center. Mayawati has indicated clearly she will brook no disloyalty among the babus.

  UTTAR Pradesh chief minister Mayawati has suspended four senior officers for ignoring the contribution of the BSP and appreciating the programmes of the Congress and the work done by the members of the Gandhi family for Sultanpur district.

     In the suspension order issued on Thursday, Mayawati said that in a book Sultanpur-Kal aur Aaj, written six months ago by the regional publicity officer of Sultanpur, Dr Srikant Srivastava, there was lots of praise for the developmental programmes launched by a “particular political party”. She did not mention the Congress or the UPA but said, “The history of Sultanpur written in the book is actually the history of a particular political party and some particular politicians have been given all the credit for development.”
     The Amethi parliamentary constituency comes under Sultanpur district and has always been represented by the Gandhi family.
     “The officers of Sultanpur had written the preface supporting the content of the book,” said the order. “Such an act of the officers of providing valuable suggestions and supporting the book is against the provisions of the UP Government Service Conduct Rule and condemnable. Taking serious note of this, the state government suspends with immediate effect the commissioner of Faizabad Venkateshwar Lu, DM of Sultanpur Sanjay Kumar, special secretary of social welfare Ishtdeo Prasad Rai, who was CDO of Sultanpur at that time, and the then assistant information director Pramod Kumar Singh.”
     While Sultanpur district comes under Faizabad division, Srivastava is a central government employee.
    In her suspension order, Mayawati stated the book was intended towards establishing a particular political party among the people by exaggerating the history of Sultanpur and also of the party.
     The CM said all these officers knew well the content of the book but still promoted it, ignoring their official status.
     UPCC spokesperson Akhilesh Pratap Singh said the officers had been victimised for appreciating Rahul Gandhi and taking close interest in his works in the constituency.

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