President Bush: A Positive Story

Bush beat booze with a little faith

US President says spirituality helped him overcome addiction

     We are no admirers of President Bush. He along with his cronies has caused immense damage to humanity, in the last three years.  

      But even this man has a quality that certainly draws admiration.

      He was addicted to alchohol, ie, he was an alchoholic. It is a terribly debilitating state that can lead to irreparable losses, of health, wealth, and most of all, the love of family.

     That he managed to get himself under control and become the President of United States, is nothing short of a miracle.

     His is a case for all those who have problems of addiction to alchohol, a case that bolsters courage confirms that one should Never Give up the fight.

      President George W. Bush is talking more openly about his old drinking habit, and offered perhaps his most pointed assessment yet by saying that the term “addiction” had applied to him.

      “Addiction is hard to overcome. As you might remember, I drank too much at one time in my life,” Bush said during a visit to the Jericho Program, a project of Episcopal Community Services of Maryland that helps former prisoners deal with problems such as drug addiction, finding jobs and reintegrating productively into society.

      “I understand addiction, and I understand how a changed heart can help you deal with addiction,” he said. “There’s some kind of commonality.”

           He explained how he had quit drinking. “First is to recognise that there is a higher power,” Bush said. “It helped me in my life. It helped me quit drinking.”

     Bush grew unusually sombre as he related the similarities between himself and the men in the sketchy East Baltimore neighbourhood who are struggling to put their lives back together.
     “These are men who were, in some ways, lost, and lonely, and found love and redemption at Jericho,” Bush said. “Proud to be with you.” He hailed them for now being “reunited with their daughters.” “Girls love their dad, especially a redeemed dad,” said Bush, father of 26-year-old twins Jenna and Barbara.

     The 61-year-old president decided to quit drinking the day after a particularly boozy 40th-birthday celebration — July 6, 1986. He has often credited both his Christian faith and vigorous exercise with giving him the discipline he needed to execute that decision and to keep to it since, with nonalcoholic beers the only indulgence he says he allows.
But when he was first running for president in 2000 and during his earlier years in office, Bush stuck to almost quaint code words when on the topic. He has never said publicly whether he was an alcoholic.
     As was typical, Bush said during a November 2000 news conference in which he admitted pleading guilty in 1976 to drunken driving that he “occasionally drank too much” as a younger man. He told an interviewer that same year that alcohol “was beginning to compete for my affections” before he quit.

     In September 2003, Bush was talking at a Houston community centre on the same topic he was on Tuesday — the value of federal support for religious charities that address societal ills. “I know firsthand what it takes to quit drinking, and it takes something other than a textbook or a manual,” he said.
      His checkered relationship with booze does come up frequently in his conversations, often as a joke or an aside. Bush is known to have said that the subject is never too far from his mind.

     Last year while travelling the country promoting ethanol created from biowaste as an alternative energy source, he’d often find himself in laboratories with beakers full of the alcohol-based substance. At a North Carolina plant, Bush held a container up to his nose for a mock sniff and then shook his head at the bemused reaction from his press corps. “I quit drinking in 1986,” he said, laughing.

      Bush’s words are likely to be welcome for those facing similar problems, coming from the most powerful man in the world.

In December, Bush cited his experience with alcohol as he encouraged young recovering addicts visiting the White House to stick with their fight. “Your president made the same kind of choice and I had to quit drinking, and addiction competes for your affection.You fall in love with alcohol,” Bush said.

John Schwarzlose, head of the Rancho Mirage, California-based Betty Ford Center, a substance abuse treatment hospital, said Bush’s new openness might well be inspirational to some.

Andher Nagari Delhi: Yamuna the Drain

     Delhi Govt plays dirty on Yamuna clean-up

     Over 700 crores have been spent according to reports on cleaning up the Yamuna in the last five years. Is Yamuna any cleaner? 

     Common Wealth Games in 2010. That is the deadline for any activity in Delhi today from Flyovers to education to BSES to Yamuna. 

     Obviously the deadlines are meant for the gulliable. Citizens of Delhi are Gulliable.

Some excerpts fro the  Mail

 The Delhi government has two deadlines for cleaning the Yamuna — one for the people and the other for the court.
     The Sheila Dikshit government issued advertisements in major dailies on January 28 promising to give Delhiites a clean Yamuna by 2010. The same day, the government submitted an affidavit before the Supreme Court stating that the interceptor sewer project to clean the Yamuna would be completed by 2012.
      The affidavit, filed by Delhi Jal Board member Ranbir Yadav, pointed out that works was expected to start in February 2009. However, the collection and analysis of necessary data and preparation of a detailed project report and cost estimation was likely to be over by November 2008.
    The Delhi cabinet had approved Engineers India Ltd as the agency responsible for implementation of the project, the affidavit, signed on January 28, said.
Amicus Curiae Ranjit Kumar, who is assisting the court that has been monitoring the cleaning drive since 1994, pointed out that the government had issued misleading advertisements stating that the river would be cleaned before the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The affidavit, however, showed that the project could not be completed before January 2012.
      The amicus was referring to half-page advertisements in all major dailies on January 28 titled, “A Landmark MoU and A Clean Yamuna For You”. The advertisement said: “Today the Delhi Jal Board signs an MoU with M/s Engineers India Ltd for the Interceptor Sewer Project to give you a clean Yamuna by 2010.”
After perusing the affidavit, a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan quizzed additional solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam over a number of inconsistencies in the affidavit filed by the DJB.
     The rehabilitation of the trunk was likely to be completed by 2009 and therefore the analysis of data cannot be completed before the end of 2009 and the execution was ‘’not possible before the later part of 2010,’’ the court said. The affidavit had stated that the analysis of data would be over by September 2008.
     “There is thus considerable inconsistency,’’ the court said and directed the state government to file another affidavit.
     The Additional Solicitor General submitted that the Jal Board, in consultation with M/s Engineers India Ltd, would file a ‘’revised affidavit.’’
He further said that the DJB would file an update on the matter by June 15, 2008 after receiving the next report from the consultant.
     The court directed the registry to list the matter for further hearing on July 8, 2008.
Meanwhile, the court sought the response of the amicus on another application by the state government seeking permission to regularise 1,432 unauthorised colonies.

      The court also sought the Delhi Development Authority’s response to the matter within eight weeks.

Andher Nagari : UP

Mayawati Does it Again. Suspends 4 officers for praising Congress

     Remember how she socked a dozen police officers clean off the field for being Mulayam’s men. They were suspended and were allowed to rejoin only after utter humiliation.

   Babus have always been siding the winning team. How did these four Babus miscalculate? May be they were hoping to get a posting to center. Mayawati has indicated clearly she will brook no disloyalty among the babus.

  UTTAR Pradesh chief minister Mayawati has suspended four senior officers for ignoring the contribution of the BSP and appreciating the programmes of the Congress and the work done by the members of the Gandhi family for Sultanpur district.

     In the suspension order issued on Thursday, Mayawati said that in a book Sultanpur-Kal aur Aaj, written six months ago by the regional publicity officer of Sultanpur, Dr Srikant Srivastava, there was lots of praise for the developmental programmes launched by a “particular political party”. She did not mention the Congress or the UPA but said, “The history of Sultanpur written in the book is actually the history of a particular political party and some particular politicians have been given all the credit for development.”
     The Amethi parliamentary constituency comes under Sultanpur district and has always been represented by the Gandhi family.
     “The officers of Sultanpur had written the preface supporting the content of the book,” said the order. “Such an act of the officers of providing valuable suggestions and supporting the book is against the provisions of the UP Government Service Conduct Rule and condemnable. Taking serious note of this, the state government suspends with immediate effect the commissioner of Faizabad Venkateshwar Lu, DM of Sultanpur Sanjay Kumar, special secretary of social welfare Ishtdeo Prasad Rai, who was CDO of Sultanpur at that time, and the then assistant information director Pramod Kumar Singh.”
     While Sultanpur district comes under Faizabad division, Srivastava is a central government employee.
    In her suspension order, Mayawati stated the book was intended towards establishing a particular political party among the people by exaggerating the history of Sultanpur and also of the party.
     The CM said all these officers knew well the content of the book but still promoted it, ignoring their official status.
     UPCC spokesperson Akhilesh Pratap Singh said the officers had been victimised for appreciating Rahul Gandhi and taking close interest in his works in the constituency.