Road Safety: VIP parents and dangerous drivers

     Delhi Traffic Police has commenced a drive against drunk driving. It is hoped this will bring incidents of drunk driving and resultant accidents down. However VIP brats are in a class of their own. Ed  

VIP parents make them dangerous drivers.

By Kumar Vikramin New Delhi

     THE SONS of the powerful can be a public hazard when behind the wheel.

     On Wednesday night, traffic policemen prosecuted the son of a Congress MP and the son of an IPS officer.
     Both were intercepted by a patrolling team at Humayun Road near the Khan Market area after their vehicles had jumped the lights.
     In another case, a drunk driver almost crashed into the deputy commissioner of police (DCP). The car belonged to the Punjab government.
     A total of 60 prosecutions were made as part of the traffic police’s ‘Operation Chakravyuh’.
     A traffic police officer said, “The IPS officer’s son told police his father was B. Pullat, who is now retired. He came over and started screaming. His mouth was stinking as he was heavily drunk. We told him he was caught for jumping the lights and for drink-driving. But he was not ready to give in.”
     He was taken to the traffic police van and asked to go take the breathalyser test.
The reading on the alcometer was 175 ml; the prescribed limit is 30 ml. “We wonder how he managed to drive,” said the officer. “He was fined.”
     The other offender was Rishi Pal, son of parliamentarian Manvendra Singh, scion of a Mathura-based royal family. “The man who got down from the car talked in a haughty manner,” said the officer.
     “He threatened the policemen and flashed his swanky mobile phone. He got into an argument with police and said he belonged to the royal family of Mathura. His father Manvendra Singh is an MP from Mathura. The two personal security officers provided to the MP were also with Pal.” Pal too also fined.
    When Manvendra Singh was contacted, he said, “I am in Mathura and have no knowledge of the matter.”
    Also on Wednesday night, the DCP and other team members had a narrow escape when a car which was asked to stop was hit by another Hyundai car from behind.

      The traffic police officer said, “The purpose of Operation Chakravyuh is to keep a vigil over cars with VIP number plates which flout traffic rules routinely. Police keep a watch over such vehicles between 11.30 p.m. to 2.30 am. The operation will go on at least till the month end.”

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