Bharat Ratna : For the Asking

Bharat Ratna

  Who should get Bharat Ratna?

     Lal Krishna Advani thought he was being smart and clever when he broke the convention and proposed the name of his long time friend and colleague Atal Behari Vajpayee for being bestowed with a Bharat Ratna.

     After all BR is normally bestowed on politicos who have died or have been consigned to oblivion. He must have hoped that by writing a letter to the government recommending the case of his old friend he would indicate to the BJP and the world that he has replaced Vajpayee (who refuses to retire) at the helm of affairs.

     But alas, With BJP in front can others be left behind?So follows the demand from the Red Brigade for a BR to Jyoti Basu.

     Another demand from Madame Mayawati who has been itching to take on the Congress. She wants a BR for ‘Manyawar’.

    It is only a matter of time before Karunanidhi’s minions demand a BR for him.That will be followed by one for, Lalu Prasad, Jaya Lalitha.

       Bestowing the BR has always been a political decision.

     Let us wait and see how this will be handled.

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