Delhi Traffic Police: A woman driver

     Here is a personal encounter with the DelhiTraffic Police, by a woman driver. In this connection also see earlier posts dated 13 Dec & 21 Dec 07.

I  want to highlight an incident that shows how a woman driver is harassed in the city.

     She not only has to face road rage by fellow rude men on the wheels, even the traffic cops don’t leave any opportunity to harass her.

     On December 26, 2007, I had gone to a skin clinic at Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar. As there was no sign of ‘No parking’ in the area I parked my car outside the gate. I even checked with the guard of the clinic and he said it was safe to park there.

      But when I returned after sometime, my car was missing. People around told me that it had been towed away. I quickly went to the nearby police station which proved to be the worst experience of my life. The cops were rude and they outrightly asked me to pay Rs 800 if I wanted a receipt of the challan or the matter could be settled for Rs 300 without a challan.

     When I asked them to mention on the challan copy that the place didn’t have a ‘No parking’ board, they refused outrightly.      They even refused to tell me their names. When I argued further, they threatened to put me behind the bars and even file fake cases against me.I’ve even filed a complaint against this in Sabzi Mandi police station but I’m sure nothing would be done.

     I’m a post graduate from Delhi University and work as a jewellry designer.

Parul Agarwal, Ashok ViharLetters

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