Pakistan:Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

This is a terrible time for Pakistan. A terrible time for Democracy.Violence appears to have over taken all norms of behavior.

This is a senseless crime by criminal elements, who Definitely do not have the interests of Pakistan.

      This is  NOT the handiwork of a small group of individuals. Clearly these criminal elements could not have carried out repeated attacks without active support of powerful elements in Pakistani Government (ISI, Army) and  Pakistani Society.

      Perfect security for any VIP is never possible especially when he or she has to mingle with crowds. Mrs Bhutto has been crying from the roof tops that she is a prime candidate for assassination and she must have adequate security.

       She had even named persons who she said were most likely to foster these attacks The incident of 18th  October had only confirmed her statements.

           The Government of Pakistan must have ensured that she has adequate protection, at least officially, so that the administration cannot be faulted. But no specific action was taken against individuals whom she had mentioned.

          ISI and the Army have no love lost for any civilian who might take over and run the Government of PakistanPakistani Army has often been termed as the ‘Rogue Army’.

          The ISI is a Frankenstein establishment under no body’s control. It has its own aims and objectives. It has Billions of US $ and arms at its disposal, thanks to American Aid, and its dealings in narcotics. It has many fanatics trained, equipped and brainwashed over many years through the Afghan War and later.

         ISI raised, funded, trained and equipped the Taliban, initially for the US and later for the funds and the power to destabilize the Government of Afganistan, and Kashmir valley. ISI has been always headed by a trusted Lt General from the Pakistan Army.

           Interactions between the Army, ISI and the Terrorists are regular. In fact the Taliban can be considered to be an extension of the Pakistan Army. Subsequent to 9/11 there has been a drastic change in US attitude towards terrorism.

          US has no objections to terrorists operating freely anywhere in the world. But Americans will not spare their government if American lives are involved. So they have been pressurizing Pakistan to control their minions.

          Taliban has always  had a free run in the NW province of Pakistan. Today Taliban terrorists have grown bold and do not always listen to their erstwhile masters , ISI.

          So far Musharraf has been able to con the US. The Army has been able to hoodwink the Pakistan Public.

           However the actions of Gen Musharaf in the recent past has aggravated the tensions between Jehadists in the North West and the Army. People of Pakistan are also being alienated by what they feel is the General’s kow-towing to the evil USA.

     Bhutto had stated that she will put down terrorists. This made her enemies among the Taliban groups,and obiviously the ISI.

           In fact Many in Pakistan feel that the Army was always out to eliminate Benazir Bhutto. Public will demand justice.

          Musharraf is going to under tremendous  pressure. The Army is going to be under tremendous pressure. A scape-goat is needed.

          Day break 28 Dec is going to bring people on the streets. The mobs will howl. Some heads will have to roll. Whose will it be? Small heads of minor functionaries wont do. 

         Will it be Musharraf? Can he stay without declaring emergency?      Army may well consider him a liability and allow him to proceed to US or UK or Saudi.

           Elections now will have little meaning. Nawaz Sharief has already been side lined. Now PPP is without a leader. Civilians have lost another round.

      What will it mean for India?

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