Multi Year Tariff- Objections on ARR- Press Confrence‏

     Privatisation of Power distribution has resulted in inflating electricity bills in Delhi.

     While the Government of Delhi and the Discoms do not take any action against individuals and companies indulging in Power thefts honest consumers are compelled to pay higher rates and compensate for the power thieves and the inefficiency of Distcoms, DERC and the Government of NCT Delhi.

The message from Chetna is self explanatory. 

Dear All,
    The DERC had invited objections on fixation of Multi Year Tariff in the month of September 2007. We the members of CHETNA and the Civil Society like Promod, SatGoel, Anant Trivedi and Rajinder Rampal had filed our objection for adopting Multi Year Tariff in view of huge T & D Losses to the extent of 90% in some of the areas as would be evident from the attached Power Point Presentation.
      It seems after dealing with the objections and seeking clarification from Discoms the DERC went ahead and permitted the DISCOMS to file ARR on Multi Year Tariff in the month of November 2007. The last date of filing objections initially was 10th December 2007 that was subsequently extended to 20th December 2007.
     In the meanwhile the DERC circulated our objections on Multi Year Tariff amongst the DISCOMS and invited the coments. After receiving the comments from the DISCOMS, the DERC has fixed Public Hearing on 27th December 2007 without authority of law as is evident from the following facts:-
a) No public hearuing could have been fixed by DERC to deal with objections on ARR when the objections were not filed at all;
b) DISCOMS could not have responded to the objections when no objection on ARR was filed;
c) How come DERC could fix Public Hearing on 27th December 2007 when the last date of submission of objections on ARR is 20th December and many of us would file objections on 20th Decmber 2007
     This shows that the Public Hearings are sham exercise and mere wastage of time and state exchequer. Therefore, in order to express solidarity on large scale fleecing of Honest Cosnumers please join us on 22nd December 2007 at 3.00 pm at Confrence Hall Safdarjang Club .
     Mr. Rosham Seth has kindly consented to be with us on that day. No Government world wide permits any one to steal and still get away with theft except India where people can steal power and refuse to pay and the entire Government machinary watches as mook spectator and taxes the Honest Consumers like you and me who continue to suffer and pay in silence.
     The times have come now we have to raise our voices unitedly and protest.
Looking forward to see you on 22nd December 2007 at 3.00 pm

Regards,Anil Sood                          Anil Sharma
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Motorists Harassed Again by Delhi Police at Nehru Place

Motorists Harassed Again at Nehru Place

      In spite of our telephone call to the OSD’s office in the LG’s secretariat and the email to stop the harassment of poor motorists the Delhi traffic police were at it again.

      Yesterday afternoon was ‘raid time’ at the Nehru place. Scores of vehicles were towed away.  Sign Boards are there indicating the parking lots, parking attendants are there as in any other place. Cars are parked and parking slips are handed over the attendants, who collect the parcha and the charges when you leave. 

     What is the fault of the vehicle owner who parks at what appears to be a genuine and authorized parking place in Nehru Place?In case the traffic police knew it was not an authorized place why did they not put up sign boards?

     Why did they at all allow any one to organize parking lots? It is a TURF WAR between the Delhi Police and the MCD.  Why are innocent motorists being punished for no fault of theirs? 

     This is a clear case of high handedness of Delhi Police. This bullying of private motor vehicle owners must stop immediately. 

     Another interesting aspect.

      Why are the newspapers not highlighting this issue? What has been done to shut them up?