CAPRG has sent an email to LG’s Secretariat highlighting the problems faced by  private vehicleowners by the short sighted drive by the Delhi Traffic Police during the last four days,  

   There is an  ongoing turf war between the Delhi MCD and the Delhi Police poor citizens are being harassed to no endApparently the MCD has earmarked some areas for parking lots without consulting the Delhi Traffic Police. Delhi Police has embarked on a sieze, tow , fine, and harass drive against poor motorists who are not aware of the intricacies of warfare between  Delhi Police and babus of MCD.

     There is a shortage of parking areas all over Delhi. As all private vehicle owners in Delhi are aware, there are parking lots in all market areas and official complexes. These are run by contractors, authorised officially or unofficially by the MCD.

     The traffic police have been so far towing away vehicles not in these parking lots(legal or illegal), or owned by the contractors.Suddenly the Police has taken upon itself to question the validity of these parking lots. They have been towing away private vehicles parked in various parking lots alleging that they are illegal. 

      How does the poor car owner know if a parking lot is legal or not? He goes by the sign boards placed in front of these parking lots. He has no wherewithal to run to the MCD office or the Traffic Police Head quarters every time he has to park his vehicle. In case the traffic police have a problem with the MCD they should sort the matter out with them.

      Unilaterally towing away vehicles of innocent motorists smacks of high handedness and callousness.

    This meaningless harassment of private car owners must stop immediately.

       We hope the Lt Governor will look in this personally and stop this high handed behaviour of the Delhi traffic Police.  

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