Does India have any responsibility for wefare of Ehnic Indians?

The Government of India has been making a lot of Hoop La and celebrating the success of NRIs.  Amartya Sen is celebrated since he has a Nobel, Chawla for being an astronaut, Swaraj Paul for being super rich. And the list is getting longer by the day. How then can the Government forget those in the middle east, in Fiji, Srilanka or Malaysia? Because they have problems? Because they do not have dollars to throw?  

Govt shuns Malaysia Hindu rights leader

New Delhi: Having expressed its concern about the alleged discrimination of ethnic Indians in Malaysia officially, the government on Thursday chose not to meet P. Waytha Moorthy, head of the Hindu Rapid Action Force, even as senior BJP leaders met him.Waytha Moorthy, in Delhi to garner support from the government, failed to meet the Prime Minister, external affairs minister and senior foreign ministry officials but did get an audience with the BJP’s LK Advani and Jaswant Singh.

He told them that around 10,000 Hindu temples have been demolished in Malaysia in the last 50 years, adding: “Hindus are being stripped of their dignity and self-respect” by this vindictive action. He also said there is a steady attempt to “Islamise” Malaysia’s multi-religious population and Shariat rulings are being made binding on non-Muslims”.

The BJP parliamentary party later issued a statement condemning the Malaysian government’s policy on ethnic Indians.

No withdrawal of life support for terminally ill

No withdrawal of life support for terminally ill

  The withdrawal of life support for a terminally ill patient, a patient who is comatose for lond period, many cases of ‘brain dead’  , has been an emotive issue. Legality apart it is a terribly agonising decision to make for anyone. The government must lay down clear guidelines on this issue. Looks like a clear decisión on the part of the government Hill take a long time. 

New Delhi: The Government has turned down the recommendation of the Law Commission of setting up a panel regarding withdrawal of life support systems from terminally ill patients.“The Government has examined the recommendations and is not in favour of accepting the same,” Law Minister Hans Raj Bhardawaj informed the Lok Sabha. According to the Law Commission recommendation, every “competent patient,” who is suffering from terminal illness, has a right to refuse medical treatment.

The doctor must be satisfied that the decision is made by a competent patient and that it is an informed decision, the recommendation said.

In case of incompetent patients, the doctor shall not withhold or withdraw treatment unless he has obtained opinion of a body of three expert medical practitioners from a panel prepared by high-ranking authority.

The decision to withhold or withdraw must be based on guidelines issued by Medical Council of India, the Law Commission said.