Security for women passengers alighting at airport

     We in CAPRG have been demanding the establishment of proper Taxi Stands, control over issue of Licenses, police verification of drivers etc. There have been cases of women passengers being robbed, raped and killed. Pl see Report below : 

     TWO WOMEN, both doctors, were allegedly harassed and manhandled by a pre-paid taxi driver who was ferrying them to Dwarka from Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport on Friday The women had landed in the city on a Kingfisher flight from Chennai.

     “We had asked the driver to take us to Dwarka’s Sector 7. But when we reached Dwarka he did not stop there and tried to take us somewhere else,” said Dr Anasuya Bagchi. Bagchi, who is posted with the World Health Organization (WHO), was in the city with her colleague Dr Geeta Joseph for a conference.

     “We had booked the taxi from the prepaid counter at the airport    Soon after the taxi started, another man came and sat on the front seat of the taxi. When we objected, the driver asked us to keep shut,” added Bagehi.

     She said even after reaching Sector 7, the driver continued to speed and took them to an unknown destination.

     “In the meantime, I called the police control room (PCR) and informed them. When the driver heard us he started yelling at us. He stopped the taxi in the middle of a lonely road and asked us to get off immediately It was almost 9.30 p.m. and quite chilly outside. Moreover, there was no one in sight at that time,” she said.

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Distcoms, DERC, Governement Vs Citizen

     IT TOOK five years and repeated reminders from the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) to wake up the state government about providing free legal help to consumers in cases against private power distribution companies.

     The Delhi government has finally agreed to provide consumer advocates to protect the interests of the Capital’s citizens in their litigation against distribution companies (Distcoms). The DERC sent repeated reminders to the state government over the past year, asking it “to address the issue of absence of proper representa- tion of consumers’ interest before different forums”.

      “Due to power distribution privatisation, substantial litigation has emerged at all levels… Whereas parties to disputes like the Distcoms etc, are represented by top legal experts, there is no mechanism to ensure effective representation of consumer interests”, the DERC said in a letter to the government The state government says though the DERC sent letters, it was unable to spell out how this system could be implemented.

      “The consumer advocates system will be under the state government’s Power Grievance Cell, set up earlier this year and headed by Justice R.C. Chopra, a retired judge of the Delhi High Court,” said Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta.

     “Consumers will be provid- ed with advocates free of cost to fight their cases and protect their interests,” the chief secretary said.

     The government is confident it will be able to set up the office of consumer advocates before the DERC begins its hearings on the Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) petitions of the three distribution companies, seeking power tariff hikes later this month.

      However, a NGO working in the power sector has dismissed the government plan as an eye-wash. “The Special Powers Courts announced by the state government have not even been operationalised so far,” said Chetna President Anil Sood said.


 Procedure for consumers grievance redressal is not people friendly a Consumers have to first go to the Distcoms with their complaints.

      The next stop is District and State Consumer Forums a NGOs say common people do not have time and resources to approach one court after the other