RTI: Sabotaging Citizens Right to Information Act

     These are the days  of Computers. All information of FIRs and complaints are expected to be on computers.Delhi Police flourishes its IT abilities far and wide. It is not understood how basic information which should be avilable literally at finger tips and a screen will take days for the Delhi Police to compile and submit.

      Either the Delhi Police is not using computers effeciently, or is simply unwilling to give information to a Citizen.

     Pl see the news item below for details.

   If you want an information about stolen mobiles in New Delhi, you may have to shell out about Rs 1.5 lakh to the city police.

      It was a rude shock for Delhi-based social activist Subodh Jain when he received a letter from deputy commissioner of police (West) Robin Hibu asking him to deposit Rs 13,949 as advance for providing the information on the number of cases of mobile thefts in the city under the RTI Act.

      “If I want information from each of the ten police districts and I pay the said amount for each police districts then I may have to shell out Rs 1.5 lakh,” Mr Jain said. Mr Jain filed an RTI application on October 16 with the Delhi police headquarters seeking information about details of number of cases of mobile phone thefts in New Delhi, the number of those recovered and recovery strategy of the police among others.

      DCP headquarters, Mr Keval Singh forwarded the application to all district DCPs and it was only Mr Hibu who had replied to Mr Jain. Mr Hibu, in his letter, said the pointwise information sought by Mr Jain was “lengthy and time consuming” to compile.

      “In addition, a considerable strength of manpower of (Mr Hibu’s) office as well as all police stations will be utilised to compile this information,” he said.

     According to Mr Hibu, a sub-Inspector from his office will have to be deputed for the job for two days, the cost of which was calculated at Rs 1,546.

Excerpts from The Asian Age :17 Nov 07

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