Traffic Woes in Delhi

CAPRG had placed various pooblems faced by the comman man in Delhi before an ‘august ‘ gathering of experts who had been assembled by the LG on 15 May.

True to beauracratic traditions a committee was formed, including experts, and senior beaucrats.  Three months was the appointed time given to the committee to submit its findings on the state of affairs in Delhi and suggest remedial measures.

Mr Srivastava , of CAPRG tried to find out if the report has been submitted and if so what is the action taken so far.

True to form we understand that even minutes of the meeting have not been drawn up.

Meanwhile the Killer Blue Lines are on a kiling spree.

Pl see the points raised by CAPRG. Do You have anything to add? Can you work on any of them?

Do let us know.


19 Oct 07

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