Right to Emergency Care:

Right to Emergency Care:

Date Of Judgment: 23/02/2007. Case No.: Appeal (civil) 919 of 2007.

      The Supreme Court has ruled that all injured persons especially in the case of road traffic accidents, assaults, etc., when brought to ahospital /medical center, have to be offered first aid, stabilized andshifted to a higher center / government center if required.

     It is only after this that the hospital can demand payment or complete police formalities.

     In case you are a bystander and wish to help someone in an accident, please go ahead and do so.Your responsibility ends as soon as you leave the person at the hospital.

     The hospital bears the responsibility of informing the police, first aid,etc.
Please do inform your family and friends about these basic rights sothat we all know what to expect and what to do in the hour of need.

      Please not only go ahead and forward, use it too!

      I recd the above msg from Mr Watwani. It needs widest possible publicity. Most of all Hospitals and the Police must be made aware of the above order of the Supreme Court.


Andher Nagari : Bihar

Give my pension, I’m not 18, says old woman

Patna: Menka Devi, who is in her early 70s, has been running from pillar to post to convince officials that she is not aged 18 years,  as mentioned in the village records, but old enough to get old age pension.

The Dalit woman, a resident of Bagha village in West Champaran district of Bihar, says she is being passed off as a teenager in the official list so as to deprive her of the pension.

“I am not less than 70 years old but my age is shown as 18 in the official records of the village so as to deprive me of old age pension,” said the emaciated Menka Devi, her wrinkled face giving away her years.

She has accused the head of her village panchayat of manipulating her age in the official list to teach her a lesson for not voting in his favour.

“I was made 18 years old in the official list to deprive me of an old age pension for my refusal to cast a vote in his favour,” Menka Devi told IANS. She along with scores of other men and women were here to attend the two-day People’s Summit for Hunger Free Bihar that ended on Wednesday.

Menka Devi demanded that the state government send an official team to her village to verify her actual age to expose manipulation by the village body head.

“Instead of an old woman, I was shown as a young girl to punish me for exercising my democratic right,” she said.

Many such stories abound. They talk of the powerful nexus between local officials and elected members of the village bodies that deprive hundreds of poor people of the benefits of government welfare schemes.

“From the block development officer to the village headman, they all openly demand bribes in order to sanction old age pension and free foodgrains for people below the poverty line,” said Geeta Devi, another old woman.

Janaki Devi, who is in her 60s, said 50 percent of her old age pension of Rs 200 gets taken away by the village headman. “The government gives me Rs.200 but I get only Rs.100 because the village head takes Rs.100,” she said.

Manohar Paswan, 50, a landless labourer, said the chief of his village body demands Rs.1,000 for entering a name in the below poverty line list. “Corruption is rampant in the local administration,” Paswan said.

Thursday, October 18, 2007
MSN News

Traffic Woes in Delhi

CAPRG had placed various pooblems faced by the comman man in Delhi before an ‘august ‘ gathering of experts who had been assembled by the LG on 15 May.

True to beauracratic traditions a committee was formed, including experts, and senior beaucrats.  Three months was the appointed time given to the committee to submit its findings on the state of affairs in Delhi and suggest remedial measures.

Mr Srivastava , of CAPRG tried to find out if the report has been submitted and if so what is the action taken so far.

True to form we understand that even minutes of the meeting have not been drawn up.

Meanwhile the Killer Blue Lines are on a kiling spree.

Pl see the points raised by CAPRG. Do You have anything to add? Can you work on any of them?

Do let us know.


19 Oct 07