Deficit Of Governance

A deficit of governance  TIMES INSIGHT GROUP  

New Delhi: Indians are proud of their country but far from satisfied with the quality of governance. That’s the clear message from an online poll done on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence. 

   The survey conducted by AC Nielsen reveals that an overwhelming 89% would opt to be reborn Indian, if they had such a choice. Clearly, they are quite happy with the country per se. They are also happy with the progress in the last 60 years in areas like business and science and technology.

   But they are clearly unhappy with our politicians, the quality of politics in the country, and the lack of governance as manifest in the country’s poor record in poverty eradication, law & order, social equality and infrastructure.

   The respondents pointed out that India has made the least progress in these areas. This reflects the Lead India campaign launched by TOI today seeking to throw up for the country a new leadership, which, in turn, would deliver better governance. 

   Areas where the country is seen to have made major progress are those in which the government has little or no role. For instance, science and technology. This for most Indians today is synonymous with IT, which has grown in spite of government. It is seen by respondents as a success area. In contrast, where the government has a monopoly — such as law & order — or where it has a dominant position, India is seen to be lagging behind. 

   It’s not surprising that under the circumstances, one-sixth of young people, those in the age group 15-25 years, feel politics is the key area in which India must progress if it is to become a developed nation. Again, this is at the core of the Lead India initiative. (TOI’s initiative was conceptualised and executed long before the poll, which reached us on Monday evening.)


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