Memorandum to the Lt Governor

     In a meeting with members of CAPRG on 05 May Shi Tejendra Khanna the Lt Governor of Delhi explained various steps being taken by him to improve the quality of life for every citizen .

He looks forward to being  the head of a Responsive Government.   

    A central complaints center is being set up where any citizen with a complaint on any adminstrative issue can lodge a complaint. This center will be working round the clock. A special cell will deal with the complaints , ensure they are forwarded to the right authorities for corrective action and update the latest information so that the latest position on any complaint is available at the touch of the button. Progress will be monitered personaly by the LG himself.

     Shri Tjendra Khanna had introduced such a system in his earlier tenure as LG and is confident that this will allow  him to moniter the pulse of the administration.

     A memorandum covering various issues was also handed over to him.

       He is of the firm opinion that it is very essential to involve concerned citizens in the for best administration.

    Details of the meeting will be put up shortly.

    Shri Tejendra Khanna has a stupendous task on his hands and we wish him all the very best in his earnest efforts, and look forward to  a better  cleaner  livable Delhi with a more responsive governent.