Citizens Alliance for Promotion of Responsive Governance

Welcome to Citizens Alliance for Promotion of Responsive Governance

Citizens Alliance for Promotion of Responsive Governance is an Indian NGO, duly registered with the Registrar of Societies in New Delhi under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It is an apolitical not for profit organisation dedicated to promotion of responsive governance. CAPRG is concerned with the affects of policy matters on the society as a whole and their repercussions on groups and individual citizens.

During the last seven years of its existence, Citizens Alliance for Promotion of Responsive Governance has successfully taken up issues of Environment, Preservation of Nature, Civic Amenities, Traffic and Accident related problems, Right to Information, Master plan of Delhi, Power Distribution,unauthorized constructions and mindless commercialization of residential areas.

Our Mission Ensuring  people centric, citizen oriented governance , responsive to the need and welfare of every resident of India. Ensuring Security, Education, Health, civic amenities, opportunities for advancement, justice and  impartial application of laws of the land to all citizens, irrespective of caste, creed , religion , educational level or social status. Ensure protection and preservation conservation and judicious use of  natural resources in all its forms.
Organisational  Profile

Citizens Alliance for Promotion of Responsive Governance firmly believes that people friendly policies can be formulated and implemented through dialogues and discussions with the government. Members of CAPRG hail from varied backgrounds, are qualified in administrative and technical areas, and have experience of conditions across India and abroad.
List of  Members  Managing Committee

President:  Air Marshal DS Sabhikhi (Retd)

Vice President :   Shri Pran Mehta
Vice President:    Shri VNS Srivastava

Secretary: Shri Pankaj Agarwal, CA                            

Jt. Secretary 
 Shri Shailendra Saxena                        

Treasurer :  AVM HP Singh (Retd)                        

Office Coordinator :  Shri Navin Chand                                


Committees dealing with specific issues :
a)    Law and Order
b)    Traffic
c)    Right to Information
d)    Environment
e)    Electricity & Power
f)     Water
g)    Education
h)    Health
i)     Urban Development
j)     Corruption
Chairpersons of Action Committees

Law & Order  
  AVM HP Singh (Retd)   
Traffic & Transportation:
  Col CM Ramakrishnan,retd        
Electricity Power:
 Shri Pankaj Agarwal    
Prevention of Encroachment:
 Shri H C Dua          
  Ms Manorma Batra

Social Justice:  
    Shri JR Lal 
Mailing Address:
28-B/7/1, Jia Sarai (Near IIT)
New Delhi 110016.
PH: 91-011-64530224

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