Are Airlines Ganging up to Fleece Us?

There is something strange going on. An unpleasant ganging up by airlines to hike prices exhorbitantly.

The price of Deli Mumbai sector, Mumbai Kochi sector etc have more than doubled, across the board.  From around 10000/- for a round trip they are 18 to 20000/.

Is it because airlines want to please Modi, by offering cheap flights to the newly opened routes by subsidizing them by overcharging us?


Elections mean arm twisting by political parties for funds, of course with the understanding that prices can be hiked to any extent with no action against black marketeers.

Some may say it is holiday season, etc. But I found flights half empty when I flew to Mumbai and back, during the last few weeks.

Anyone ?




As received. Makes lot of sense.
Hindus can tolerate
500 years Muslim rule
200 years British rule
60 years Family rule
10 years Italian lady rule
But not 3 years of Hindu rule?😬

CA Vinod Arya

If Modi fails in his fight againt corruption and black money, no PM of India will have the courage to take this issue again on his agenda for next 100 years and corrupt politicians, beaurocrates, police, criminals and businessman will keep looting this country as their birth right. So it is the duty of every resposible citizen to stand in support of PM Modi and fail the evil design of corrupt people to incite violence and create anarchy.
If we fail to do our duty today, our children and grandchildren will never forgive us, will hold us responsible for not giving them a clean India. If you agree, please send this message to all your contacts.
I am *NOT in Politics* and as of now, I have *no plans to get into Politics, but there will be people who may consider this post to be Politically motivated. My *Humble apologies in advance.*

I was wondering why are so many people against our *Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi*. I noticed that this started after *Demonetization* and keeping that in mind, I was thinking who could be *people who will be affected by Demonetization*.

I was shocked to discover that here are following categories of people who will feel the impact more than anyone-

*1. Educational Institutions* – They used to get all Capitation fee in cash and most of it unaccounted.

*2. Terrorist Organisation* – Their Funding is under stress

*3. Fake Currency Dealers* – With stress on Digital Economy, they are under Major Stress

*4. Real Estate Mafia* – We all know that a Big Part of payment had to be made in Cash and now they find it difficult to account for unaccounted cash

*5. Hawala Dealers* – With almost all the money in account and a close watch on withdrawals, *they won’t mind killing Modi*

*6. Fake Trusts and Charities* – They have been used for Money laundering and with the stopping of large donations by cash, they are unable to fulfill their primary agenda

7. Politicians* – Less said, better it is. Just look at almost NIL SCAM in last 3+ years is a Proof that many Politicians including BJP members are unhappy with Modi. They expected Modi to be like earlier Prime Ministers and close his eyes.

*8. Rich Agriculture Land Owners* – With most of the subsidy connected to Bank accounts, they are getting exposed.
*9. Film industry* – It’s a well known fact that it uses a lot of Black Money and except for Genuine Film makers, others are suffering.

*10. Sports & Other kind of Betting* – We know Lthat gambling (Except Lottery) is banned and still there was a *turnover of USD 150 Billion*.

Please understand that *these industries employ some of the Most Brilliant minds* in the country and they will leave no stone unturned to make sure that Modi does not get a second term.

Now it’s for us, *as responsible citizens, to decide whether we want to support the above 10 Categories of people or to support ourselves*.


         It is really shameful how the state governments take over Hindu temples and misuse the   money the bhaktas put into the Hindu. Lakhs of acres of land, buildings, and farmlands are allowed to be illegally occupied, revenues not collected for years.

       Jewels adorning the Deities, stolen and sold with impunity. Stolen idols are sold to foreigners around the world.

      Tamil Nadu government appears to to have fine tuned the loot of Hindu Temples.

        Pl see the attached article how organised the open loot is.

************************************************************************************* 1

HR & CE: Rogue Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu
T R Ramesh
27 Jul 2011

      It is a great irony that a secular Government should deeply embroil itself in the administration and running of Hindu temples and institutions in the guise of supervising the secular aspects of temple administration. This grotesque policy of the Government to
supervise religious institutions applies only to Hindu Religious institutions.Viselike grip on Religious Institutions
By its own account the HR & CE Dept administers (or rather mal-administers):
36,425 temples
– 56 Mutts
– 47 temples belonging to Mutts
– 1721 Specific endowments and 189 Trusts
This has been possible due to Tamil Nadu being ruled continuously by atheists and unscrupulous persons, a corrupt bureaucracy, Madras High Court and above all, stark apathy, indifference and ignorance among Hindus. In recent times, the covert and overt
designs of Christian missionaries and agencies have added to the plight of Hindu temples.
Around 1840, the then British Government started giving up administration of temples. They asked some of the prominent mutts inTamil Nadu to look after some of the important temples and endowments. The Heads of Mutts who were happy to takeover the administration of these temples so that they are run as they ought to be run, were careful enough to get written documents or “Muchalikas” from the British Government, which assured them that they would not take back the temples from the Mutts.
Thus some very important temples came under the complete control and ownership of these Mutts and the Mutts ran them ably andefficiently. The primary purposes of worship and utilization of funds meant for the upkeep of temples and conduct of rituals were never lost sight of by the Heads of Mutts or officers. While a few temples were thus brilliantly administered by the Mutts, thousands of other temples in the then Madras Presidency were handed over to the respective trustees with the then Government playing little or no role in supervising them.

       In 1925, the Madras Hindu Religious Endowments Act, 1923 (Act I of 1925) was passed by the local Legislature with the object of providing for better governance and administration of certain religious endowments. The Act divided temples into what are known as Excepted and Non-excepted temples. Immediately after the Act came into force, its validity was challenged on the ground that the Act was not validly passed. For this reason, the legislature enacted the Madras Hindu Religious Endowments Act, 1926, Act II of 1927 repealing Act I of 1925. This Act was amended from time to time. It is unnecessary to refer to the changes introduced later. Suffice it to say that the Act was
amended by 1946 by as many as ten Acts I of 1928, V of 1929, IV of 1930, XI of 1931, XI of 1934, XII Of 1935, XX of 1938, XXII of 1939, V of 1944 and X of 1946. A radical change was introduced, however, by Act XII of 1935. The Government was not satisfied with the powers of the Board then existing and they clothed the Board with an important and drastic power by introducing a new Chapter, Ch. VI-A, by which jurisdiction was given to the Board to notify a temple for reasons to be given by it.

     Thus, it can be seen that even in the pre-independence era, the Board had systematically consolidated its powers to take over and administer temples. Of course, this despicable intervention by Government applies only to Hindu Institutions.

Health Capsule

Rec’d from Mr Watwani, is reproduced.

Squeezing a wedge of lemon into a glass of warm water, Dr. B.M. Hegde says, “It’s the best medicine for an acidic stomach. You don’t have to run to the hospital for every ailment.” “Not even for blocks in your heart,” he asserts. “Blocks in arteries are common,” he points out.
The leading cardiologist also notes that in reality there has not been even one per cent absolute increase in the rate of heart attacks. It is a plain hype, he says and calls it a labelling error. Unfortunately, every chest pain is dubbed as angina and every block is labelled coronary disease,” declares Dr.Hegde.
“Anybody who walks into a hospital with complaints of chest pain is made to undergo angiogram whereas there is a need to understand heart blocks,” he says. “Blocks happen when you are young and as they grow, nature provides bypasses through collateral vessels. This is called pre-conditioning the heart.”
Dr. Hegde believes that any individual who sees a doctor for medical help becomes a patient. “Once you get caught in the whirlwind, you continue to remain a patient.” The veteran cardiologist has been known for making bold statements on the dark side of medical industry. “When I was a student, I questioned how can cholesterol be bad if it’s made by our body. Forty years ago, I wrote that cholesterol is a counter by the body to increasing stress levels. I said coconut oil is the best oil for the heart at the American College of Cardiology Meet long ago.”
“The flaw of today’s approach to treatment is that the human body is seen as a car machine which can be repaired part by part. Whereas, the human body is a whole entity and should be treated in entirety. How else can one explain the side-effect of drugs used to treat one organ, affecting the other organs?” he asks. Author of over 40 books, Dr.Hegde also supports alternative forms of medicine like Ayurveda. Quoting Sanskrit texts from Ayurveda, he explains how any treatment ought to be holistic. “Ayurveda has unfortunately been relegated to back seat, in spite of being traditional and rich form of medical treatment,” he says.
“Health is about the environment you live in and the mind is the environment of the body. It’s not what you eat but what eats you (the thoughts) kills you,” he says. “The key is to cultivate positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive emotions. Quantam healing is the new method of healing. Your mind can heal you.” He suggests the book Quantam doctor by Amit Goswami.
Dr.Hegde opposes the burgeoning fitness craze among the young urbane crowd driven by the belief that fitness leads to good health. “Health is in the mind and fitness is in the muscle. These are two different things but often confused as one. If someone is fit to run a marathon doesn’t mean he/she is fit to live a healthy life.” “Health is not even absence of disease, as all of us have diseases. We all will have over 100 cancer cells at any given time, but they don’t become clinical cancer as they die on their own.” Quoting a sloka from Ayurveda, Dr.Hegde defines health as the enthusiasm to work and love. “Keep the enthusiasm in you alive, nurture positivity and cull negativity and you are healthy”, is his simple mantra.
Dr.Hegde practises what he calls ‘Coordinated medicine’, that’s futuristic and meta treatment. “I take elements from various genres of medicine. For instance, I take emergency care and corrective surgery from modern medicine. I don’t prescribe too many drugs and treat patients unnecessarily.” Calling modern medical treatment as ‘exclusive’ and ‘reductionist’, Hegde comes down heavily on the trial-and-error method of slapping scans, drugs and tests on patients. “I have come up with suggestions of a new definition of health and the concept of whole person healing instead of organ healing, both of which have been accepted by the Institute of Medicine.”
As a vegetarian, Dr.Hegde suggests following traditionally made and locally grown food. “One should eat what their ancestors ate. To eat Mediterranean food in Madurai will not suit your body. Eat the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables and follow recipes that have been there for generations.” A veteran doctor that he is, Hegde says every doctor should unfailingly follow ethics since they deal with human lives.”
Dr.Hegde was in the city to deliver a guest lecture on ‘Spirituality and Health’ at the Madurai Readers’ Club

Terrible & Shameful: Trafficking in Women

‘Data from NGOs revels that every year 60,000 Nepalese girls are brought into India for prostitution’ TOI

A Syndicate run by Aafaq Hussain and his wife Saira Begum have trafficked more than 5000 girls from Nepal, remote areas of West Bengal, Orissa, Karnataka Assam, Andhra and other states. They used to sell them for uptown Rs two lakhs.

‘ Once brought to kotahs of GB road, the first were often confined to almirahs, and tunnels and forced to entertain clients in small cubicles, police said’. Saira Begun controlled the racket which was extremely organised and managed by nayikas, paid managers their assistants and traffickers.

Trafficking on such large scale over decades couldn’t have been possible without passive/ active support of individuals in the criminal justice system.

The couple has amassed property of over 300 crores.

As per news reports charge sheet has been filed.

Will these inhuman criminals be punished?

Where is justice for the thousands of victimised women?

Bangladesh: Hindu temples vandalised, houses attacked by mob

Bangladesh: Hindu temples vandalised, houses attacked by mob over Facebook post

  • HT Correspondent, New Delhi
  • |

  • Updated: Oct 31, 2016 12:32 IST
A large number of security personnel from the police, Rapid Action Battalion, and paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh have been deployed in the area after the incident. (REUTERS file/representative )

At least 15 temples and hundreds of houses belonging to Hindus were vandalised in Bangladesh’s Chittagong on Sunday during a protest against an alleged Facebook post demeaning the most sacred mosque in the world, reports said.

According to The Daily Star, thousands of people, including activists of Hefajat-e-Islam and Ahle Sunnat, brought out separate rallies in Nasirnagar under Brahmanbaria district on Sunday demanding capital punishment for the man who posted a demeaning the Masjid al Haram in Mecca.

Brahmanbaria superintendent of police Mizanur Rahman told the newspaper that around 150 to 200 people launched the attacks and vandalised at least seven to eight idols inside five temples in the area.

Two people were injured in the attacks while six people were detained, he added.

Nasirnagar Puja Committee’s general secretary Khailpada Poddar, however, alleged that at least 15 Hindu temples were vandalised and looted. “Two hundred Hindu houses were ransacked and looted,” he told the newspaper.

The violence was contained by the police who took control over law and order in the area around 2:00pm, Rahman said. A raid was also conducted to nab the culprits.

A large number of security personnel from the police, Rapid Action Battalion, and paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh have been deployed in the area, the report said.

Extracts from an article in the Times of India by   . Taslima Nasreen:  She has been harassed for her opposition to the oppressive practices against women by practitioners of islam, and claiming relegious sanctity. Ed

Writers need to say things that people don’t want to hear
.          A leading politician has just declared in the Indian parliament that I should not be allowed any access to the media to express any views whatsoever on Islam. Instead of countering funda mentalism, the government only appeases it. Everything that I was made to go through -the TMC ban on my book Exile (titled Nirbashon in Bengali); my ouster from West Bengal, then from Rajasthan and eventually India; stopping my articles from being published in newspapers; stopping the production of the TV drama series written by me -was a result of the government’s blatant appeasement of fundamentalist elements.
          A politics built on sycophancy is the first sign of a rotting democracy . Aren’t our political mavericks aware of the fact that fanatics seek to plunge society into darkness, that they are against human rights and women’s rights, and consider that any opinion contrary to theirs must be silenced?
Writers across the world are being persecuted, whipped, tortured, murdered, incarcerated and exiled.Apart from dictators, even so-called democratic governments are no longer interested in freedom of expression.Whenever I try to point out the significance of such a fundamental right, I am informed that even freedom of speech must have its limitations and cannot be used to hurt someone’s sentiments. Wouldn’t it be extremely difficult to ensure that you never hurt someone’s sentiments?
People keep hurting us, intentionally or not, by words or deeds. Our world is populated by a multitude of opposing mindsets. They clash and hurt each other but also have an inbuilt mechanism to manage hurt.


Unfortunately , Islamic bigots use the excuse of injured sentiments to cause further mischief, refusing to listen or be placated.

It is a moment of crisis for democracy when citizens are robbed of their right to speak openly . Social change makes it necessary that a few feathers will be ruffled. Progress cannot be achieved without hurting religious sentiments. A lot of people had been outraged when the crown and the state were forcibly separated in Europe. Galileo’s and Darwin’s views had upset many pious people of their times. The superstitious are routinely offended by the advancement of science. If we stop expressing our opinions because someone will be hurt by them, if we curb the growth of scientific knowledge, if we forcibly try to stall the march of civilization, we will end up inhabiting a stagnant quagmire instead of basking in a raging cascade of knowledge and plenitude.

Freedom of speech is the freedom to say something someone else might not like to hear. Those who never hurt another’s sentiments do not need freedom of speech. A state that chooses to side with those who seek to oppose such freedoms, instead of ensuring that they are brought to book, will be responsible for its own eventual annihilation.

Some time back one such draconian law against free dom of speech was abolished by the Government of India.I was among those who had worked towards this goal and our success was a significant acknowledgment of the systematic persecution many have had to go through because of such laws. I have had to face it too, which is why I am glad to have been part of such a reform initiative, despite not being a pure-born citizen of India. The world is constantly vigilant that no one hurts the sentiments of those who are opposed to human rights and women’s rights. When will the world learn to see all as equal? When will it learn to stop pleasing extremists and begin according some much-delayed respect to reason and humanism?
This crisis is not India’s alone; it is being felt across the world. It’s not so much a battle between two faiths but a war between two opposing worldviews-the secular and the fundamentalist, the progressive and the prejudiced, the rational and the superstitious. Between awareness and ignorance, freedom and enslavement. In this fight I know whose side I am on; I am forever in fa vour of my opponents’ freedom of opinion even if I do not wish to support or respect it. My lack of support does not mean that I will attack my opponents during their morning jog, or shoot them in public, or hack them to death. I will instead express my opinions through my writings. If someone does not like what I have to say , they have the right to respond in kind -in words. They do not have the right to kill or threaten me. This is a basic condition for freedom of speech, which many fanatics wilfully choose to ignore.

The narrow-minded zealots, aided by their political appeasers, will forever seek to plunge society into darkness and chaos, while a handful of others will strive for the betterment of society and to have good sense prevail. It’s always a few people who seek to bring about change; that is how it has always been.

I hope no one else is exiled for being different ever again. I hope no one ever has to suffer the ignominy I went through